Fun RVA is a Richmond-based website aimed to help local small businesses,artists and musicians who want to share and promote their unique ideas and businesses in a affordable and fun way while giving back to the community!


How FunRVA Works

For Contributors

Register for an account with FunRVA and submit posts and pictures of your upcoming events, artistic endeavors, ideas, lists of cool stuff, and more. We’ll get an email to approve your post and we promise we’ll do it within 24 hours so you can promote your post via Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network that strikes your fancy.

For Local Businesses


Advertise and with for only $100 per 125 click-throughs on your ad. This price is half the price you’d pay through a search engine PPC campaign, and you’ll get great organic exposure because of the social nature of this site.

Advertising with FunRVA will save you a ton of money and it will help support our local community. Does it get any better than that?


Contact us to offer coupons via FunRVA. Local businesses¬†will get a free ad (aligned with the terms above) in exchange for a value discount available to our subscribers. We will do all the work. All you have to do is tell us what you want to offer and we’ll provide the code and downloadable coupon for subscribers to use.


Subscribe to FunRVA for access to exclusive coupons and other deals. 50% of your subscription fee will be donated to the Charity of the Month. You can pay monthly for a subscription, pay one time to get the coupon you want, or pay for a discounted year subscription and gain access to all the subscriber coupons, plus a few bonus coupons offered only to year subscription holders.

Subscribers will also have access to enhanced content, an optional monthly newsletter, and more.