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RVA Hoop House- Richmond Va

RVA Hoop House- Richmond Va

The RVA Hoop House

The RVA HoOp HOuse is a community-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to movement arts… particularly Hooping!

It all started with a group of super awesome women and a desire to spread the hoop love. We have created an environment where self-confidence, creative expression, inner strength, and wisdom can flourish. We currently do not have a permanent location but hope to in the near future. See Our Location page for more details.

The RVA HoOp HOuse is run solely by volunteers.

Hoopin it up at Big Brothers Big Sisters Duck Race


What is Hoop Dance?

Hoop Dance, commonly referred to as Hooping, is a self-expressive movement art form that involves dancing with a hoop. Hoop dance artists proudly refer to themselves as “Hoopers.” Hoopers commonly refer to the hoop as their dance partner, because of the rhythmic bond that is created with one’s hoop while dancing. Hooping can involve technical moves and tricks along with free-style dancing. We’ve come a long way since the days of grapevines, wooden circles made of sticks, and even the most popular WAM-O version of hoops. Hoopers today use heavier, larger hoops that are usually hand-made and personalized with shiny, colorful tape. The days of simply hooping around our waist are long gone, and have been replaced with fluid transitions on and off the entire body. Dance fusion has entered the world of hoop dance to create all sorts of variety like Hoop Yoga, Hoop Burlesque, Hip-Hop Hoop, Fire Hooping, and even Poi Hooping.

The possibilities are endless.

Hoops in the grass


Hooping is a part of the world of flow arts, which include an array of skill toys that are used to explore the flow of sequential movements that allows our mind and body to become better connected to our inner drum. Hoop Dance has proven to enhance the lives of all that it touches. To many, it’s a magical mystery as to how a colorfully decorated piece of irrigation tubing can cultivate so many friendships and provide so much joy. Rather than question the phenomenon, the Hooper simply moves rhythmically with the hoop into a place of inner peace and gratitude, in continuous exploration of creative self-expression.

All Shook Up Nutrition! – Midlothian Va

All Shook Up Nutrition! – Midlothian Va


All Shook Up Nutrition is a revolutionary concept known as a nutrition club. We provide a daily smoothie option, complimentary wellness coaching, plus nutrition workshops and Weight Loss Challenges. We are located at 11065 Hull Street Rd (in the yellow Victorian house). We can’t wait for you to join our community and start your healthy, active lifestyle. We are also looking to add coaches to our team!  ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Phone 804-356-9900/804-339-6602
Location 11065 Hull Street Road, Midlothian, Virginia 2311

Mind Over Matter – Richmond Va

Mind Over Matter – Richmond Va

mind over matter coffee

I’m Katie McCall, and I’ve combined both my personal healing experience and my extensive professional training to develop
Mind Over Matter Success.This is a process by which we:- Identify and dissolve old, limiting beliefs
– Learn new coping strategies to support healthier, more productive lifestyle choices
– Build a new foundation of supportive beliefs and behavior, to achieve your definition of success

Your goals may include:

– Weight Loss
– Pain Management
– Anxiety / Stress Relief
– Emotional Block Clearing
– Expanded Business Success
– Expanded Personal Fulfillment

My intent with Mind Over Matter is to help you find freedom from anxiety, pain, excess weight, unhealthy habits, personal and professional obstacles, and to give you the tools you need to create a path to your definition of success.

The goal is to heal and nurture your mind, body and spirit…and create a life you love to live.

Ready to get started?

I look forward to talking with you!   email me  | 804 . 218 . 1046

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