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75 backers now. Thank you

75 backers now. Thank you

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a surge of new pledges yesterday. Maybe we have an off chance of hitting our goal now. So thank you to the 75 of you craving chocolate covered honey!

I am playing in the kitchen this morning, tempering a pound of milk chocolate to be made into something new. Bill Withers is playing in the background. Such a great musician. I think my favorite song of his is “Use me”. Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger did a great cover of it in the 90s. Check it out. My second is Lovely Day. Great song to dance to with the kids in the kitchen during this lock down.

How is everyone holding up? I just finished week two of isolation. Just me and my Weimaraner watching the news and old movies and TV shows. Oh, and making chocolate covered honey products. I think that has helped me keep my sanity. There is just something about creating in the kitchen.

Everyone stay safe, keep your distance, and tell your family and friends you love them. Now go crank up Bill Withers in the kitchen. You will be happy you did.


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50 Backers!

50 Backers!

We hit 50 backers!  Thank you so much!  I hope everyone is staying safe and indoors.  

It has been drizzly here so I haven’t done much bee work. It has been a few days of cleaning and organizing, playing in the kitchen, watching the news, and as a bonus found all the episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th century.  Brings back some childhood memories.

I have found a tin manufacturer to make what I want.  Of course they are shut down, but excited about creating our packaging when we get through this crisis.

On a happy note, my daughter has received two full scholarships to two different law schools. She is going to do environmental law. Makes her farmer of a dad proud. Pretty impressive for a 21 year old.  As of right now she is working her butt off at Kroger.  So be kind to your grocery workers.  They are our heros who don’t wear capes.

Yesterday I gave all of our samples away to medical workers.  Hopefully a bit of a lift to their day.  I have great respect for what they are doing.  Their hardest times are coming soon here in my state. 

So, once again, be safe.  Reach out to friends and loved ones.  It will make their day.


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40+ backers on Kickstarter! Thank you!

40+ backers on Kickstarter! Thank you!

Today I requested the 7 day extension on the kickstarter project they are giving to help out during the time of this crisis. It was approved.

Thank you to the 41 backers who believe in our project. I checked on our bees and they are doing well. This early spring has coerced the queens to lay more more eggs earlier than usual. Populations are growing at a nice pace for the spring nectar flow!

I have decided to go old school and package the honey in tins, much like chocolate from the 1920s. My question to you, would you be interested in the tins having a changing design over time? I think since this is 2020, I am going to go art deco with the first design. One of my favorite styles of art and architecture.

Tomorrow I will post photos of some new product ideas. I have been making honey caramel and working to not make it too hard or too soft. It tastes amazing either way, especially coated in dark chocolate!

Please, everyone stay safe and reduce your contact with other people. We will get through this together. You are amazing!

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Over 30 backers on Kickstarter. Thank you!

Over 30 backers on Kickstarter. Thank you!

Bees tend to ignore whats going on in the world of politics. They are still working hard and gathering nectar, making sweet honey for us.

I am playing with some new ideas, working on packaging designs, and just enjoying the quiet time making chocolates.I am getting all sorts of emails from people who want money to promote the kickstarter. But with the stock market crashing, unemployment skyrocketing, and the world moving in pause mode, I am hesitant spending hard earned money on something that probably won’t work in these times.

I will continue to self promote. And if you can afford some sweet indulgence, thank you for pledging. We shall see what happens. We have weathered storms in the past, and will get through this one. I’m not going anywhere, so when we recover, your favorite chocolate covered honey, and other honey products will still be around.

Thank to the 31 backers we have now! You have lifted our spirits here letting us know we are onto something great!

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Kickstarter made us a project they love!

Kickstarter made us a project they love!

It was such good news to see we are selected as a project kickstarter loves! Thanks to the staff for selecting us! It means a lot! And that’s a lot of exclamations!

So yesterday I posted a riddle: What is it that has a Grandfather but no Father, has a Grandson but no Son?

The answer is a Drone bee (The male in the hive). A drone is produced by the queen by laying an unfertilized egg. Thus no father. But the queen has a father, so the drone has a grandfather. The drone then mates with a queen. She lays fertilized eggs from him, producing daughters only (so he has no sons). One of those may be a future queen, producing him grandsons.

There is one exception to this whole thing though. Can you tell me what it is? Answer tomorrow.


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Day 3 of kickstarter was great!

Day 3 of kickstarter was great!

Thank you to everyone supporting our chocolate covered honey! We reached $1000 last night so we are 1/7th of our way to our goal! (Who says beekeepers can’t love math?)
I am headed off to work the bees today. Spring has come early and the bees are bringing in honey for 2020. So your chocolates will contain fresh honey from the hives. So exciting!
I’ll try and post some photos from today when I get back.
Yours truly,

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Make money off honeybees without touching a hive and help agriculture

Make money off honeybees without touching a hive and help agriculture

A local group are starting a large apiary (a place where bees are kept and nurtured) and you can be a part of it.

Own from a fraction of a hive to a complete hive and receive a check once a year for the profits it produces.  These come from leasing the hives to farmers, honey collection and wax collection.

Check out their indiegogo campaign and support them today,


Stone Brewing Co. Names Richmond, Virginia, as Future Home for New Brewery and Destination Restaurant

Stone Brewing Co. Names Richmond, Virginia, as Future Home for New Brewery and Destination Restaurant

Stone Brewing Co. Names Richmond, Virginia, as Future Home for New Brewery and Destination Restaurant

ESCONDIDO, CA (Oct. 9, 2014) – Today, San Diego-based Stone Brewing Co.announced it has signed a formal letter of intent with the City of Richmond, Virginia, signifying the company’s interest in building its East Coast facility in the city’s Greater Fulton Community. Subject to local approvals, Stone plans to invest $74 million to construct a production brewery, packaging hall, destination restaurant, retail store and its administrative offices. Construction of the facilities will occur in phases. The brewery is anticipated to be operational in late 2015 or early 2016, with Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens opening a year or two after that. Ultimately, the company will employ more than 288 people.

“The search for our location east of the Mississippi River was no easy endeavor,” said Stone President and Co-founder Steve Wagner. “We received and reviewed hundreds of proposals, visited more than 40 sites, and received quite a bit of attention from communities and craft beer fans. The three finalist cities each provided diverse offerings, however, we decided to begin next-step negotiations with Richmond because of their ability to meet our extensive site requirements, subject to the city’s approval. We also feel that Richmond’s vibrant energy and impressive craft beer culture, along with the uniqueness of the property, will allow us to create a truly memorable Stone experience for our fans. We are honored by the amount of time and effort all the communities that submitted proposals put forth, and we want to specifically thank Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones for welcoming us.”

Adds Stone CEO and Co-founder Greg Koch, “A facility on the East Coast will allow us to meet demand for our beer, ensure we are providing our fans with the freshest beer possible and also serve as a distribution hub for states located east of the Mississippi. We look forward to becoming an integral part of the lively craft beer community in Richmond, the state of Virginia and the entire eastern U.S.”

Stone anticipates building a 200,000 square-foot production brewery and distribution facility on 14 acres of land. Equipped with a 250-barrel brewhouse, the brewery will produce year-round and special-release beers to be bottled, kegged and distributed, as well as enjoyed on-site. The company also plans to renovate a two-story, 30,000 square-foot building, transforming it into a destination restaurant spanning four acres and highlighting locally grown organic food, complementing the harmonious nature and seasonality of the location’s surroundings. The restaurant will feature beautifully landscaped gardens where visitors will be able to enjoy craft beer, dine and relax in an inviting atmosphere.

“Today’s announcement marks the fruition of months of partnership and aggressive efforts to show Stone Brewing Co. that Virginia is the best state for its new craft beer production and hospitality facility,” said Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. “The company received submissions from more than 20 states, and the Commonwealth of Virginia was selected. This competitive, high-profile project really puts Virginia on the map and cements our standing as a serious player in the craft beer industry. In addition to Stone’s significant investment and more than 288 new jobs, the far-reaching economic benefits of this operation are innumerable. The City of Richmond offers the infrastructure, available site and building, and natural resources that will allow the company to thrive and grow, and we are confident that Stone will benefit from the Commonwealth’s excellent business environment for years to come. Today is an achievement of great magnitude, and we are excited to welcome Stone Brewing Co. to Virginia.”

“We are thrilled about Stone’s decision to choose Richmond as its East Coast production and distribution facility location,” said Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones. “After competing with 20 other states, we are so pleased that Stone has discovered those attributes that make Richmond a great place to do business. The fact that they have chosen a site in the Greater Fulton Community underscores their understanding of the rich history and natural assets that we have to offer. As they bring their unique craft beer and visionary business model here, I look forward to the many opportunities that lay ahead with Stone.”

This is the second expansion announcement Stone has made this year. In July, the company unveiled it will become the first American craft brewer to independently own and operate a brewery in Europe with the opening of Stone Brewing Co. – Berlin.

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