One of the Most Scenic Sites in All of Virginia

Trip Advisor calls it the number 1 out of 4 Top things to do in Covington Virginia, and many call it one of the most scenic locations in Virginia. It is a chart topper for selfies and one of the most photographed spots in the Allegheny Mountains.

If you aren’t careful, time will get away from you, so consider making plans now to visit this beautiful place in the fall, and maybe use Douthat State Park as your home-base while you explore these mountains.


You can visit the falls year-round, but the scenery is magnificent in October

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks


The breathtaking waterfall has the tallest drop of all the waterfalls in Virginia, as the water tumbles 80 feet from top to the rocks below. It is located in Allegheny County, just five miles North of Covington Virginia, but for the purpose of this article, you need to know it is just 26 miles from Douthat State Park.

A recommended ride for motorcycles in the mountains of Virginia

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks

It is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls I have been to, as you won’t need to hike for miles over rough terrain to get this spectacular view, you can pull off the road and walk just 100 feet to the overlook. Note: No trespassing is allowed beyond the overlook and it is strictly enforced.


As the sound of the rushing falls is magnificent, you just can’t feel it in photos, so you need to be there in person to experience it, and better understand the magnitude of these powerful falls.

The trip through the winding mountains roads are all part of the fun getting to Falling Spring, especially if you ride a motorcycle, a sports or muscle car.

The photo to the right-above shows the lookout over the falls with a Harley Davidson rider cruising past. You can sit or stand there and take photos in all seasons. The location also looks out upon the changing hues of the mountains in the distance.

The mountains in the distance change color throughout the day like the fall leaves

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks
Highway 220 provides a super scenic road trip from Douthat State Park

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks
The drive to Douthat State Park is full of gorgeous views

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks
A close up view of the ledge at the top as water cascades over to form the falls

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks
Enjoy this detour to Falling Spring when you stay at Douthat State Park

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks
You’ll want to stop here and see these falls

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks


In 2004 Mead Westvaco donated the Falling Spring Falls and about 19 surrounding acres to Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Douthat State Park staff and volunteers have done a beautiful job building a handful of picnic tables, a security fence, signage and parking.


I have provided a Google map below as a reference. If you plan to stop at The Omni Homestead Resort or Hot Springs in Bath County Virginia enroute then you double the drive time, but can break it up for lunch or dinner, so for that follow the second map below:


Learn more about the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia here to help plan your road trip to the region. You can go year-round of course, even in ski season over the winter months.

Douthat State Park is open year-round to accommodate your overnight needs in cabins and lodges. Hiking trails, mountain biking Disneyland (as it is affectionately called), fishing, picnicking, kayaking, camping, and more, click here.

Relax at a Douthat State Park cabin

Courtesy of Virginia State Parks

You can check availability and reserve a Douthat State Park cabin now for the leaf season, go online here or call 1-800-933-7275.

I hope you will take my recommendation and plan this trip now to be sure to be there before the fall leaves…well, fall. Some leaves may even stick around until the first week of November, but we can’t make you any promises.

Originally written by Virginia State Parks.

Featured image provided by Courtesy of Virginia State Parks

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