You are currently viewing Check out our most powerful setup by Smok at Voltage Vapin’!

Check out our most powerful setup by Smok at Voltage Vapin’!

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Get tons of power and battery life with the Smok GX350!


The GX350 is Smok’s most powerful mod. Imagine Smok’s ever so popular Alien mod and multiply it by 2 and this is what pops out! Using the same style battery door as the Alien but with 4 18650’s instead of 2, the GX350 is one of the longest lasting, hardest hitting mods we have ever seen, especially for its compact size! With the dimensions being around the same size as the Reuleaux RX200, its makes a 4 battery device much more comfortable and pocket friendly than any others we have seen! Yes, the name does actually mean that it is 350 watts and it will also fire down to 0.1 ohms so this mod is a cloud chasers dream. Ever wanted to push the V12-T12 coils for the TFV12? Well this is the mod to do it!

Available in Black/Red and Purple/Black.

Get one before they’re gone and feel the power for yourself of a 4 battery mod!

Smok’s TFV12 was made for the GX350!


The TFV12 Cloud Beast King is designed for all you cloud chasers out there! It is capable of performing at up to 350 watts, the most output of any tank we carry. The tank holds 6mls of liquid, has Smok’s signature slide to open top fill system, and massive airflow.

Available in Stainless Steel, Black, and Rainbow. Also available are V12-T12, V12-Q4, and V12-X4 replacement coils.

Pick up the ultimate cloud chasing tank, the TFV12, from Voltage Vapin’ today!

Voltage Vapin’ is proud to carry some of the best flavors Beard Vape Co. has to offer!


Beard No. 5 – NY style cheesecake topped with strawberries

Beard No. 32 – cinnamon funnel cake

Beard No. 51 – vanilla custard with a dash of custard

Beard No. 71 – sweet and sour peach rings

Beard No. 00 – Sweet Tobaccocino

Stop in Voltage Vapin’ today and discover what Beard number is just right for you!

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