You are currently viewing We have another new VSFA member fighting for vaper’s rights!

We have another new VSFA member fighting for vaper’s rights!

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Richard Oliver is a new member of the VSFA family!



Richard understands what it means to fight for what you believe in, and today he proved it by becoming a new member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association!  Every membership is a contribution to the VSFA, that goes towards promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) and advocating for the rights of vapers across the state of Virginia.


The Virginia Smoke Free Association (VSFA) is about fighting for the rights of Virginia residents wishing to reduce the harms to themselves and their loved ones from tobacco usage through the use of personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes).

The Virginia Smoke Free Association is an advocacy group and trade organization with a focus on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) through the use of personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) and other smokeless tobacco products shown to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with smoking. We focus on the prevention of tobacco harm and seek to cooperate with the Virginia Health Agencies to function for the greater health of the Virginia public as well as monitoring the legislation for or against our movement of tobacco harm reduction.

When you become a proud consumer member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association, you will be the first to hear when new legislation drops in our state and surrounding areas. Your VSFA membership card will also get you 15% off at any vaping business that is a member of the VSFA.

Help us fight for the best interests of all Vape Shops, Vendors and Vapers in Virginia!

Annual consumer membership fee is $35.00.

To become a consumer member nowClick Here

First order of business is that everyone’s favorite strawberry flavor, Robokitty Cream, is finally back in stock in 3mg!


Robokitty Cream is from the popular Excision line and is one of the best strawberry flavors to date. It is a mix of spongecake, fresh ripe strawberries, topped with whipped cream and has strawberry drizzle all over it. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Be one of the first to get Robokitty Cream, now back in stock at Voltage Vapin’!

Naked 100’s candy flavor, Berry Belts, is now Back in stock!

berry belts

Naked 100 has recently released their new line of candy flavored liquids and we have the best of them all, Berry Belts! Berry Belts balances the sweet and tart goodness of strawberry sourbelts, dusts them with sweet sugar and sour sugar, and finally adds a touch of citrus for a flavor packed experience. One hit and you’ll be saying, “Give me a bottle now!”

Stop in Voltage Vapin’ today to pick up a bottle of Naked 100’s latest candy creation, Berry Belts!

no sale

Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store. We are now required by law to I.D. anyone who appears to be 27 years of age or younger.

If you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over, you cannot test any products, make any purchases, or vape on the premises.  Please have your valid ID ready and understand we are following the law.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

No one under 18 will be allowed in the sales counter area. We do not allow parents to purchase for minors.  This Policy has now become a federal law.

We value our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.

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