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Hot new items have just arrived at Voltage Vapin’!

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Limitless is back with a brand new mod called the Arms Race and it’s in stock now at Voltage Vapin’!

Limitless Arms Race 200W Box Mod

Arms Race

Limitless is back at it again with a new mod called the Arms Race and it is one of the coolest mods to look at! This high performance mod is 200W with a new chipset that brings something new to vape game, an auto-sensing temperature joule mode where all you have to do is turn it on and it finds the perfect temperature control hit range by calculating the flash point of e-liquid! It fires down to 0.1 ohms and with its sharp and aggressive look it is sure to be your new go to mod especially, if you love temp control!

  • Up to 200 watts
  • Passthrough
  • Fires down to 0.1 ohms
  • Full Temperature control support
  • New Auto adjusting joule mod for temperature control
  • Sharp aggressive styling
  • Fits up to 24MM tanks or rda’s

Get into the temperature control game with the Arms Race by Limitless Mod Co. now at Voltage Vapin’!

Next up, we have a new tank for all those mouth-to-lung vapers out there!

Aspire Nautilus 2

nautilus 2

If you remember and enjoyed the old Nautilus tank then you are in for a treat with the new and improved Nautilus 2! The new tank design has a metal sleeve around the glass making this one light years more durable than the previous version. Even with the metal sleeve, the tank still has replaceable glass, so if you somehow manage to break that you won’t have to worry because it can still be fixed! The Nautilus 2 also features a top fill design making it much easier to fill the 2ml tank. Still have old a stack of coils for the original Nautilus tank? That’s great news because the Nautilus 2 uses the same great coils as the original!

  • Top fill
  • Metal sleeve covers pyrex glass for durability
  • 2ml tank
  • 1.8 ohm BVC coil are compatible

Not looking for a big lung hit? Then stick to something simple like the Nautilus 2 now in stock at Voltage Vapin’!

We now have the Q4 quad coils for the TFV12 in stock!


Looking for another coil option for the TFV12? Well you’re in luck because the new Q4 coils have just come in and with the best combination of airflow and flavor that we have seen from the TFV12, you won’t be disappointed. It is a 0.15 ohm quad coil with a wattage range 60-190, rated best between 90-160. This is the coil where if you look through it just looks like one massive coil but with that, it provides the best airflow out of all coil options (including the T12) and has the best flavor!

Stop by Voltage Vapin’ and pick up some coils for the TFV12!


 Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store. We are now required by law to I.D. anyone who appears to be 27 years of age or younger.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but if you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over we can not let you test any products or make any sales to you.  Please have your valid ID ready and understand we are just following the law.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We still allow customers to bring their children in, as long as they are supervised by their parents.  No one under 18 will be allowed in the sales counter area.  Before anyone can test liquid or make a purchase, they must present I.D., if asked. We also do not allow parents to purchase for minors. We are just reinforcing our I.D. Policy at Voltage Vapin’ so that you as a customer understands why we ask to show I.D. This Policy has now become a federal law so it is imperative that we continue to do this in order to keep the industry where it is now.

We check I.D.’s for everything we sell in the shop as well, not just liquids and devices. Chargers, Accessories, ETC all count.

We value all of our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.

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