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Be Educated, and be Safe with Voltage Vapin’!

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We make sure all our Customers are taught to be safe at Voltage Vapin’!



Voltage Vapin’ is about battery safety.  We have taught battery safety to our customers since day one.  We all have heard and seen the stories of batteries blowing up. Here is an interview with Jay Taylor, our owner, on battery safety (if you haven’t seen it, click on here).  Fortunately, we offer to re-wrap batteries, and battery safety aids, like the battery sleeve, and the battery cases.  Well, we’ve gone in a step in the right direction.

Buying any two 18650 batteries includes a battery case for the safe transfer of batteries. For example, if you bought four of our Purple Efest 18650 batteries, included in that price is two battery boxes so they can travel safely while inside your pocket.

It’s our pledge to do our part to keep batteries safe for proper usage, inside and outside of the device.  That’s the Voltage Vapin’ Way!

Regulated devices are a great way to stay safe while enjoying your Vape!

Pictured is the Sigelei 213 Fuchai Box Mod, one of the many self-regulating devices we have here at Voltage Vapin’.  What is a self-regulating device?  Well, a self-regulating device is a device that has a chipset within the device.  This chipset ensures the device will not fire if it is unsafe to do so.  The Sigelei 213 Fuchai has warning signs like “overheat”, “check atomizer”, or “Short!” when the device is outside of normal parameters.  In that respect, the device keeps itself from causing damage to the user and to itself.


Our goal at Voltage is to make sure you know everything we know about your new device.  It’s not enough to just put it in your hands.  So if you hear us ask you if you would like to be set up, that’s not us saying you’re not smart enough to do it on your own.  It’s us doing our part to keep your vaping experience safe, and enjoyable for months (and years!) to come.

Let us show you all we know at Voltage Vapin’ Today!

Keep it safe with the Kanger Cupti!



The Kanger CUPTI is a compact, all in one system that features a side by side design which creates a compact overall profile and form factor, packing in a 5 milliliter top filled CLOCC Sub-Ohm Tank alongside a dual mode output powered by a single high amperage 18650 battery (sold separately) that features a range of up to 75W and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kanger CUPTI measures a trim 50mm by 22.5mm by 82mm, making it one of the most compact flagship platforms in its class. The tank portion features a top filled capacity of 5 milliliters, and due to the design of the airflow and method of coil attachment, is practically leak proof.  Compact, affordable and highly functional, the Kanger CUPTI 75W TC System is perfect for beginners as well as users looking for a convenient, all in one platform.

Product Features:

  • All In One System
    • Compact Form Factor
    • Portable and Capable
  • Dual Mode Output
    • 7 to 75W Power Output
    • 200 to 600 Degree Fahrenheit Temperature Controlled Output
      • Ni200 Nickel Support
      • Titanium Support
      • NiChrome Support
      • 0.15 to 1.3 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Top Filled Built In CUPTI Sub-Ohm Tank
    • Threaded Top Fill
      • 5ml Tank Capacity
    • Adjustable Top Airflow
      • Dual 10mm by 2mm Airslots
      • Highly Leak Resistant Design
    • Top Section Attached Coil System
    • CLOCC Coil Family
      • 0.5 ohm SS316L
        • 15 to 60W
      • 1.5 ohm MTL
        • 10 to 26W
    • Slim and Wide POM 510 Drip Tip Included
  • Top Positioned OLED Display
    • Three Line Display
    • Output Wattage/Temperature
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Voltage
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • 180 Degree Rotation


Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store. We are now required by law to I.D. anyone who appears to be 27 years of age or younger.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but if you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over we can not let you test any products or make any sales to you.  Please have your valid ID ready and understand we are just following the law.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We still allow customers to bring their children in, as long as they are supervised by their parents.  No one under 18 will be allowed in the sales counter area.  Before anyone can test liquid or make a purchase, they must present I.D., if asked. We also do not allow parents to purchase for minors. We are just reinforcing our I.D. Policy at Voltage Vapin’ so that you as a customer understands why we ask to show I.D. This Policy has now become a federal law so it is imperative that we continue to do this in order to keep the industry where it is now.

We check I.D.’s for everything we sell in the shop as well, not just liquids and devices. Chargers, Accessories, ETC all count.

We value all of our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.

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