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New Heady Drips E-liquid Now at Voltage Vapin’!

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New Heady Drips E-liquid Now In Stock at Voltage Vapin’!heady

Bruce Lee –  A nice blend of peanut butter, banana, caramel, vanilla, with even more complex undertones we can leave to your imagination.

The Vanilla Custard – A soft creamy bowl of sweet vanilla custard, and the only one you will ever need

Stop by and check the two new savory flavors as Voltage Vapin’!

Kangertech Subtank Nano Replacement O-Rings now in stock!headyHas your Kanger Subtank Nano ever leaked or you just lost an o-ring while cleaning it? Well we are happy to announce that the replacement O-rings are now in stock at Voltage Vapin’!



 Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store. We are now required by law to I.D. anyone who appears to be 27 years of age or younger.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but if you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over we can not let you test any products or make any sales to you.  Please have your valid ID ready and understand we are just following the law.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We still allow customers to bring their children in, as long as they are supervised by their parents.  No one under 18 will be allowed in the sales counter area.  Before anyone can test liquid or make a purchase, they must present I.D., if asked. We also do not allow parents to purchase for minors. We are just reinforcing our I.D. Policy at Voltage Vapin’ so that you as a customer understands why we ask to show I.D. This Policy has now become a federal law so it is imperative that we continue to do this in order to keep the industry where it is now.

We check I.D.’s for everything we sell in the shop as well, not just liquids and devices. Chargers, Accessories, ETC all count.

We value all of our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.