You are currently viewing Voltage Vapin’ is participating in Backpacks for the Homeless/RVA (update)!

Voltage Vapin’ is participating in Backpacks for the Homeless/RVA (update)!

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Voltage Vapin’ is an active participant in Backpacks for the Homeless/ RVA!

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We at Voltage Vapin’ are collecting the items listed above on behalf of the organization “Backpacks For the Homeless/ RVA”.  They are a group of people who wish to improve the life and well being of the homeless population in our area.

The group Backpacks For the Homeless/ RVA are collecting items all throughout the year, but are focusing on items for the upcoming winter.  Everything on the list is of course welcome (Every little bit helps!) but if you know you have a few items to clean out your winter closet, that would be very much appreciated.

School is coming up as well, so any children school supplies will be a great help. Backpacks, clothes, hygiene products, and socks/shoes in all sizes are specifically hard to come by this year.  If any of these items are taking up space in your house, we would be happy to receive them on behalf of the organization.

We will be doing this well into November, but if we receive any other items past that time, we’ll be sure to reach out to the group and have them collect it from us.

For more information on the group, be sure to check out their Facebook page here or type in the phrase “Backpacks For The Homeless/ RVA” into the search bar.

On behalf of the organization, the team at Voltage Vapin’  thank you in advance.

Please spread the word, and donate whatever you can.  Together, we can make a difference.

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