Visit Virginia like the Prince of Darkness: Ozzy and Jack Osbourne’s World Detour into Virginia History


There’s nothing quite like a father and son road trip, especially if the cameras are rolling and the two of them are famous. The History Channel recently aired “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour” starring the “Prince of Darkness” himself, Ozzy Osbourne, and his son, Jack, on their historic journey around the world.  Their first stop? None other than the history-rich Commonwealth of Virginia. Now you, too, can take the “Crazy Train,” step back in time, and travel like the Osbournes.

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne Williamburg

In the pilot episode, the self-proclaimed history buffs took to the road and arrived at the largest private collection of tanks in the United States at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles (VMMV) in Nokesville. While at the “tank farm,” the brave VMMV volunteers allowed Ozzy and Jack to take one of their 60 tanks out for a spin. They also put on a show by setting off an ear-piercing 75 millimeter blank round from a tank, which according to Ozzy was still not as loud as the last Black Sabbath show.

Next on their agenda was the final resting place of General “Stonewall” Jackson’s left arm. Confused as to why General Jackson’s arm was not buried with the rest of his remains in Lexington, the pair traveled to Ellwood Manor, a National Park Service property in Locust Grove, to visit the cemetery and former Confederate hospital.

Ozzy and Jack Musket Range

And of course, what history voyage through Virginia is complete without a visit to Colonial Williamsburg? Ozzy and Jack took advantage of Williamsburg’s new attraction, an educational musket range, and felt at home as they explored the unpaved streets of 18th century Williamsburg where the English flag still flies. They even visited a wig shop to try on the most en vogue accessories of the day.

Ozzy and Jack with archaeologists

Finally, the traveling mates arrived in Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in Virginia, and the birthplace of America. At the Jamestown Rediscovery, travelers are able explore the history and stories of the James Fort, a settlement built by Captain John Smith in 1607. Ozzy and Jack met with archaeologist Dr. William Kelso and probed around an active site where Indian pottery and other artifacts can still be found today.


Want to follow in the steps of the Black Sabbath front man? Visit to plan your next historic vacation in Virginia.


Virginia is also home to other historic trails inspired by the big screen—and silver screen:

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