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The Virginia Smoke Free Association, Promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction and Fighting for Vapers Rights!

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The Virginia Smoke Free Association is dedicated to helping keep the vaping industry going strong, by promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction and fighting for Vapers rights!

A big thank you goes out to Tara Edmund who just joined the fight!


Tara Edmund understands what it means to fight for what you believe in, and today she proved it by becoming a new member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association!  Every membership is a contribution to the VSFA, that goes towards promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) and advocating for the rights of vapers across the state of Virginia.

Everyone has been hearing about the new FDA regulations that were released on May 10, 2016. In order to keep vaping an option and to help individuals move away from combustible tobacco products, participation and support are key. If you are concerned about these regulations and would like do your part in helping, Click Here or stop by Voltage Vapin’ on a weekday before 3pm.

With the proud honor of becoming a consumer member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association, you will be the first to hear when new legislation drops in our state and surrounding areas. Your VSFA membership card will also get you 15% off at any vaping business that is a member of the VSFA.

The VSFA had a highly successful legislative session this year in Va.  The VSFA worked with our legislator to get 2 bills killed and 1 withdrawn. Had they gone through, they would have affected the vaping industry in a negative way. These Bills were, SB 231, SB 224, and HB 627!

  • SB 231
    • Would have expanded the definition of “Smoking” to include all “Vapor Products” and would have banned all vapor products from indoor public places (Killed)
  • SB 224
    • Would have required each school board to implement policy to prohibit the use of tobacco products, including “vapor products” on all school property or at school-sponsored events (Killed)
  • HB 627
    • Would have created a new state tax on all “vapor products” at the rate of 15% of the manufacturer’s sale price for the vapor products (Withdrawn)

Help us fight for the best interests of all Vape Shops, Vendors and Vapers in Virginia!

Annual consumer membership fee is $35.00.

To become a consumer member nowClick Here

If you are the owner of a Vapor Industry business and would like to become an Industry Member please contact Crystal Grady or Jay Taylor at (804) 318-9183 or email us at for more information.

Some of the FDA Regulations (that will take effect on August 8th 2016)

  • Vapor products are now classified as a tobacco product
  • Must be 18 or older to purchase e-cigarette and you must show a photo ID (we have no problems with this)
  • Regulation of advertisement of electronic cigarettes
  • No free samples (this includes testing flavors in your local shop)
  • No new products can be introduced to the market, unless an expensive Pre-Market application is approved by the FDA
  • No aftermarket manufacturing of products such as coil building or setting devices up, unless you register as a manufacturer
  • Not allowed to say that vapor products are safer than tobacco products or that vapor products will help you quit smoking

By August 8, 2018​: Pre-market tobacco product application (“PMTAs”) are due.If an application has not been filed for a particular product it will be removed from the market place.

By August 8, 2019: By this time, all products on the market must have been grandfathered or the subject of an FDA marketing authorization order. If not the product will be removed from the market.

These Regulations are going to take 99% of products that are currently on the market, off the market.  This will result in the majority of vapor products companies, as well as liquid companies and shops, to close. The Minimum amount of money that one of the applications is going to cost will be an estimated $300,000 to several millions of dollars per item, forcing many of the manufacturers to shut down leaving only the big companies able to afford making products. (Mainly Big Tobacco)

The only product that will be left will most likely be “Cigalikes”, the one’s that look like cigarettes that you see in the gas stations.

Customer service will also deteriorate with these regulations as well because shops will not be able to teach consumers how to setup their device or build coils, which may cause safety concerns. As we all know and see on TV and the internet, safety is a big issue.

We are all for sensible regulations. However the FDA deeming regulations are neither sensible or regulations, they are a death nail to the vaping industry.

Every person who joins helps us to advocate for the vaping industry.  We need to get our legislators to change the predicate date, to at least save the products that are currently on the market.  This does not keep the FDA from regulating products it just gives the vaping industry a better chance to survive.


Help us fight for the best interests of the vaping industry and Vapers in Virginia!



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