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1st Annual Virginia Smoke Free Association Meeting (VSFA)

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This past Sunday, April the 17th, first annual meeting for the Virginia Smoke Free Association (VSFA) was held which ended up as a huge Success!


If you would like to join the fight to promote Tobacco Harm Reduction and Advocate for the Vaping Industry here in Virginia, see the instructions below.

To become a Consumer Member Click Here

To get information on how to become an Industry Member please send an e-mail to and request a membership package or call Jay Taylor @ (804) 318-9183.


We had a great turnout, along with some new Industry Members joining the Fight!

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A big thank you to M&W Catering for great service and food for everyone that attended. We would recommend them to anyone in the Richmond service

After lunch, Jay Taylor (President) called the meeting to order. Jay introduced the board members that were present, Mary Provost, Michael Maculley, Bobby Haller and Jay Taylor. Jay also introduced Chris Dougherty, the consumer volunteer that handles Social Media for the VSFA.

We then went around the room and had everyone introduce themselves and tell us a little about their company. We had a good mixture of Industry Members as well as Prospective Industry Members.

Jay introduced our lobbyist Steve Baril.

After all of the introductions were finished, an election for the new board member was conducted and resulted in reelecting the forming board members.

The next topic was a little bit about how the the VSFA was formed and the date the VSFA actually became an official organization as well as when Steve Baril first became the registered lobbyist for the organization. Moving on, Steve Baril gave an update on the progress he had made which included defeating the Indoor Clean Air Act, SB 224, and HB 627.

  • Indoor Clean Air Act – Would have expanded the definition of “smoking” to include all “vapor products,” and would have banned all vapor products from indoor public use. (Defeated)
  • SB 224 – Would have required each school board to implement policy to prohibit the use of tobacco products, including “vapor products,” on all school property or at school-sponsored activities. (Defeated)
  • HB 627 – Would have created a new state tax on all “vapor products” at the rate of 15% of the manufacturer’s sale price for the the vapor products. (Withdrawn)

Following this legislative update Jay went into detail on vaping etiquette techniques as well as how shop owners need to lead by example in order to pave the way. A couple different examples were listed such as;

  • In a public setting, such as a restaurant or store, one should ask if it is okay to vape there
  • If one has received permission to vape in a public setting, keep the vapor down to a reasonable amount as opposed to blowing clouds
  • If one is asked not to vape, respect their wishes
  • Do not blow a cloud into a persons face unless they have explicitly consented to it
  • Make sure to blow the vapor down because it settles faster this way and does not obstruct vision

Next was an update on several topics that are going on nationally and the impact that they could have, positive or negative, on our industry.

• FAA re-authorization bill. (This amendment was looking like it was not going to be taken up at this time.)
• COLE/BISHOP amendment to modify the predicate date for vapor products. (This amendment was looking like it was going to make it.)
• The Nelson Coats #3633 amendment. (This is something we will have to pay attention to in the future.)
• Battery Safety. (This is something all vapers should be aware of. Every shop should be teaching battery safety.)

Steve Baril then took the floor.  He said that for a new industry association, the VSFA had a splendid first session and its members should be proud of these accomplishments.

Steve then covered the plans for the future of the VSFA. He talked about encouraging everyone, including shops and consumers, to join in order to continue the success that the VSFA has had so far as well as to be proud for how successful it has been already. One of the topics he brought up to support this growth was to create a Membership Committee to help expand our membership with both industry and consumer members as well creating a Communications Committee to publish a monthly new letter and help with the social the social media.

Lastly Jay voted that the meeting be adjourned which was seconded by Bobby Haller.

We would like say that we appreciate each and every one of you that have become VSFA members. Without our members, industry and consumer alike,  we could not have been this successful.  We look forward to growing our members, continuing to build relationships with our legislators and working together with everyone to continue to promote Tobacco Harm Reduction and advocate for our life changing industry.

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