You are currently viewing We have a New REWICKABLE Ceramic tank at Voltage Vapin’! and more New news!

We have a New REWICKABLE Ceramic tank at Voltage Vapin’! and more New news!

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We have a New REWICKABLE Ceramic tank! Introducing…new

The Krixus Ceramic Coil Tank!

The Krixus tank, made by HorizonTech, is the first Rewickable Ceramic coil tank on the market, and it’s stellar!  What makes this tank a step forward in the ceramic coil tank game is the fact that a single coil can last up to SIX MONTHS before you have to swap it out for a new one.  All that needs to be done to keep it fresh is to rewick it (preferrably with Koh Gen Doh cotton, because it’s less messy and holds more liquid) and the coil’s ready to go!


  • Convenient Top Refill

  • 4 ml Capacity

  • 60-120W,0.3Ω±0.1

  • Heat insulation drip tip

  • Spiral Splash Proof Vent(SSPV)

  • Ceramic melt with Tungsten

  • Healthy soild ceramic coil

Put the Ceramic coil tank of destiny in your hands today at Voltage!

Another New VSFA member joins the fray!new

Alex McGrath shows off his new card for the Cause!

It seems like more of Virginia’s vapers are getting the idea… vaping is worth fighting for!  Vapers like Alex know that the 15% off is merely the icing on the cake.  The big picture is every $35 membership fee goes toward fighting laws that would make vaping great flavors harder.

The Virginia Smoke Free Association is an advocacy group and trade organization with a focus on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) through the use of personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) and other smokeless tobacco products shown to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with smoking. We focus on the prevention of tobacco harm and seek to cooperate with the Virginia Health Agencies to function for the greater health of the Virginia public as well as monitoring the legislation for or against our movement of tobacco harm reduction.

With the proud honor of becoming a consumer member of the Virginia Smoke Free Association, you will be the first to hear when new legislation drops in our state and surrounding areas. Your VSFA membership card will also get you 15% off at any vaping business that is a member of the VSFA.

Help us fight for the best interests of all Vape Shops, Vendors and Vapers in Virginia!

Annual consumer membership fee is $35.00.

To become a consumer member nowClick Here


Check out the VSFA Facebook page here, and feel free to visit Voltage Vapin’s Facebook page here.

And Cigarettes take another loss!new

One more customer makes smoking cigarettes history!

As always, we love to see our customers step into a healthier life choice.  When customers choose to crush their cigarettes, it’s a huge deal.  We want to recognize them for it every time because we know it’s not easy.  Almost everyone here at Voltage has faced down the cigarette monster for the better, and we encourage any and every one to make that leap sooner than later.  We salute you, vapers, and we’ll do everything we can to keep you off the cigarette habit.

We unpaired the Combo!newThe Mini Volt and the Mini Royal Hunter Unpaired?!?

You heard it here first, the coupling of the Century has been undone!  After a lot of customers’ requests, we have decided to let a few of our combos go their separate ways… but just a few.

We still have the Mini Volt and the Mini Royal Hunter paired for those that want their favorite tag team to stay loyal to each other, but for those that wish to break them apart, here’s your chance.  Of course, there’s a better deal to be had if you choose to keep them together, but feel free to try other options, like the Mini Volt and the Cubis tank, or the Mini Royal Hunter and the Pissant.  Either way, it’s a great choice!  Check it out at Voltage today!

Mile High

Please make sure you have your I.D. present when entering the store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but if you do not have a valid ID stating that you are 18 or over we can not let you test any products or make any sales to you.

We still allow customers to bring their children in, as long as they are supervised by their parents.  Before anyone can test liquid or make a purchase, they must present I.D., if asked. We also do not allow parents to purchase for minors. We are just reinforcing our I.D. Policy at Voltage Vapin’ so that you as a customer understands why we ask to show I.D.

We check I.D.’s for everything we sell in the shop as well, not just liquids and devices. Chargers, Accessories, and ETC all count.

We value all of our customers and strive to give the best customer service in the industry. Thank you for being a valued customer.

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