13 Spring Activities in Virginia for $16 or Less

While it is nice to imagine a luxury trip without worrying about finances, most of us have to consider costs when making plans. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with TV shows and video games for entertainment. With a reasonable budget in mind, we researched fun activities that are also friendly to the wallet and came up with these 13 spring activities that won’t break the bank. Add these plans into the mix to make your weekends enjoyable AND affordable.


1. Rent kayaks or paddleboards at your nearest water outfitter’s location

Richmond Kayaking

More Information: Although prices vary depending on location, most Virginia State Parks rent out kayak, canoe, and paddleboard equipment. Here are a few other companies that have affordable rentals:


2. Admire exotic blooms at the botanical gardens

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

More Information:


3. Discover the wonders of the world at a museum

More Information:


4. Attend a Spring Festival in Virginia


More Information: Prices vary for each event, but many are free or less than $16.


5. Pick Tulips and Daffodils at Burnside Farms

Burnside Farms

More Information: Entry is $6 per person during the week and $8 per person during the weekends. Season pass for the farm is $10. Children under two are free. Tulips are $1 each and daffodils are 2 for $1.


6. Explore the wilderness at one of Virginia’s National Parks

Old Rag Mountain

More Information: #FindYourPark. Entrance fees vary, but the park service has several fee-free days during 2016.


7. Play a round of miniature golf

More Information:


8. Learn about interesting animals from around the world at the zoo

More Information:


9. Cheer on your local team at a Minor League Baseball game

Virginia Baseball Stadium in Salem

More Information:


10. Take the bikes out on for a trail day

  • More Information: Free entrance to trails, although some parks may require an entrance fee.


11. Tour Virginia caverns


More Information: Here are some of the popular caverns that are less than $16:

  • Gap Caverns in Ewing: Adults $8, children 5-12 are $4. No children under 5 admitted.
  • Dixie Caverns in Salem: Adults 13 and over $14, children 5-12 $6, children under 5 are free.
  • Sand Cave in Ewing: Free


12. Take in a scenic sunset from a lighthouse

Assateague Lighthouse

More Information:


13. Learn about Virginia’s rich history

More Information: Find all historic sites in Virginia, or visit a few of the popular destinations:

  • Mount Vernon: Adults $17(okay, splurge a little here), Youth 6-11 $9, children under 6 are free
  • Monticello: Gardens and Grounds are free to tour, house tours start at $9 for children and $20 for adults
  • Jamestown: Free to local residents, Adults are $17 (another splurge trip, but worth it!) and youth are $8
  • Yorktown Victory Center: Adults $9.75, youth $5.50



Although this is a good start, there are plenty of other inexpensive activities throughout the state that work with any budget. Tell us what your economical ideas are for spring fun in Virginia!


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