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Another Customer Joins the Cause, and VSFA News!

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Melissa Flores Joins the Fight for Vaping!

Another one of our customers joined the Virginia Smoke Free Association. She is one of many who have become Consumer Members.  The VSFA is doing all it can to ensure vaping stays a viable way of Tobacco Harm Reduction for everyone in our state.  The VSFA benefits all Vapers and is fighting for Vapers rights.  It’s important to stand up for what you believe in, and we at Voltage want to salute those who do.

Here are a couple of Alerts from the VSFA over the past couple of weeks.

Feb 02, 2016 Alert!

Great news! We are pleased to announce that HB 627 was stricken (withdrawn) by Del. Krizek.  His bill would have imposed a 15% wholesale tax on all vapor products. VSFA’s efforts were directly responsible for Del. Krizek’s decision to withdraw this bill. In fact, he wants to have a dialogue with VSFA after the session.

We want to thank the Board for all of its hard work and dedication, our members, and last but not least our lobbyist, Steve Baril, who has been up on the hill daily working to build relationships with key legislators, educate legislators on the truths about our industry, and let them know where we stand on each and every bill.

We also want to thank our industry and consumer members for stepping up and taking a stance for advocacy for our industry.  We could not have achieved this win without all of your dedication to tobacco harm reduction and support of the vaping industry.

And just today the VSFA put out this alert on their Facebook page.

Feb 10, 2016 Alert!

VSFA had another HUGE victory yesterday! Sen. Miller’s bill (SB 231) was defeated. This bill would have modified the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act to include “vaping” in the same definition as “smoking,” and as a result would have banned e-cig’s and vapor products from all public places excluding Vapor Shops.

VFSA’s lobbying efforts, led by Steve Baril, were instrumental in ensuring that your voice was heard loud and clear. Please read the article today in the Richmond-Times Dispatch:…/article_cb076898-c46e-510a-a0dc-9…

So far VSFA is 2-2, having defeated HB 627, which would have imposed a 15% tax on the wholesale price of vapor products, and now SB 231.

Please know that your membership dues are hard at work and are producing results. Bear in mind that the General Assembly is not yet half-way through and VSFA is still vigilantly monitoring legislation that could impact our vaping industry.

Pass this Alert along to your friends, customers, and other owners, and encourage them to join VSFA and to help us protect our industry and investment.

Jay Taylor
Virginia Smoke Free Association

These are some of the many reasons why the VSFA is important, it keeps us not only informed of what is happening as far as laws being passed, but it also gives us the power to fight back with action.  Every new member that joins is a small contribution that goes a long way for everyone, including you!

Do your part by joining the VSFA hereand look out for the shops that carry the VSFA logo (shown below).  If you have your card, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase every time you frequent that shop! If you know vaping is worth fighting for, sign up and become a member today!

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