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It’s a New day full of New Products here at Voltage Vapin’!

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New here, New there, New everywhere!  We have New Products at Voltage Vapin’!

Starting with…new products

The KBox 200W TC Mod!

This glorious box mod is brought to you by the good folks at Kangertech, the same people who’ve brought you the Subox, and the Nebox (notice the hint of familiarity…).  The KBox 200W TC mod, well, is self explanatory: It’s 200 watts, and it has the Temperature Control feature.  It uses Stainless steel, nickel, titanium AND nichrome in temperature control mode, so if you have a favorite build with any of those, you’ll be good to go.

The newest feature is that it can withstand builds down to 0.05 ohms (use with caution… make sure you use batteries that can withstand the build, like our NEW 40A Efest!).  The battery charging port is still accessible, like the Nebox, but is also used for data upgrades (which should be coming out fairly soon).

The KBox 200W TC is a great addition here at Voltage… and a great addition to your collection as well.  Come see for yourself at Voltage today!

Also new at Voltage, we have…new products

The Kangertech Subvod, now available in Black and Stainless Steel!

After selling out of our original set of Stainless Subvods, we finally got our hands on some in Stainless Steel and Black.  A great addition to our Subvods in Pink and Blue, they all still come with the Nano Subtank with the top fill portion.  It’s a great buy for those stepping into the sub-ohm style of vaping because it’s already complete… all you have to do is add the liquid of your choice… like the ones below (*wink*).  It comes with  the 0.5 ohm coil, which can burn any and every liquid, so you can taste anything under the sun.  Great for people who like their batteries internal, The Subvod.

Now, for all those asking for a new flavor…new products

Steady Drippin’s Blondie and R.V.C.!

For some of our Voltage Vapin’ customers, this was no secret.  We’ve been testing out these flavors for a while with all of you, and the consensus is clear, you wanted it.  So we’re happy to announce from the great people of Diamond Vapor, Blondie and R.V.C.!

Blondie is a creamy vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl topped with butterscotch, and R.V.C. is a Red Velvet Cake (that’s raspberry and chocolate) with a cream cheese topping.  Both decadent, and high in VG, we see everyone blowing deliciously-flavored clouds in the very near future.  Could it be you?  Yes it could!  Stop on in to Voltage and try one (or both!) today!

We’re not done, Next comes…new productsThe IPV 5!

Pioneer 4 You brings us the newest iteration in the IPV family… the IPV 5!  Not to be outdone by the newer box mods in the game, the IPV 5 is a 200 watt dynamo, complete with TC (temp control), and fires Stainless Steel, Titanium, and nickel for temp control. The Power mode is nothing to be sneezed at… the Yihi Chip will allow you to fire down to 0.15 ohms standard (build at your own risk!).

Of course, as with all the IPV products, there is an upgrade available… but don’t bother, we’ll take care of that for you, before you even leave the building.  Save your time and vape away instead.  It’s sleek curves and light weight make vaping a comfort and not a chore.  Definitively smooth, but solid metal, the IPV 5 will turn heads in Black, Stainless, and Blue.  Put power into your hands at Voltage!

And last, but certainly not least…new products

We at Voltage are proud to bring you a new and innovative tank… the Cubis!  Made by the same people that have brought you the Cuboid (pictured above, not included), Joyetech, this 3.5 ml tank is a step above in tank technology.  It’s new design is made specifically to avoid leakage.  The whole bottom is solid, and the airflow takes place at the top of the cap, so your favorite liquid (*ahem *cough Boss Hog *cough) won’t make it’s way out of the tank… until you vape it.

This innovative tank comes with 3 coils, a 0.5 ohm coil, a 1.0 ohm coil, and a 1.5 ohm Clapton coil (which is excellent for flavor!).

Come see us at Voltage, and ask us about this brand new tank and ALL of our new products today!

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