Virginia is for Chocolate Lovers: 100+ Chocolate Craft Beers

Admit it, chocolate in most any form is acceptable. In Virginia, you’ll find more than 100 craft beers that are either made with the finest chocolate or have strong chocolate notes. While most are available in limited quantities due to seasonal demand, some of these beers have become so popular that you can buy them year-round! Try a few of these chocolate brews to satisfy your sweet tooth in a whole new way.


  • Richmond Area Breweries


—Raspberry Stout: Chocolate Stout Brewed with Local Red Raspberries


—The Bribe: Oatmeal Porter with notes of coffee and chocolate

—Choosy Mother: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Porter with hints of chocolate

Lickinghole Creek—Goochland

—Heir Apparent: Imperial Stout with caramel and chocolate flavors

—Virginia Black Bear: Bold Russian Imperial Stout with notes of dark chocolate and coffee

—Chai Tea Virginia Black Bear: Russian Imperial Stout blends the spiciness of Indian Chai Tea with dark chocolate flavors

—Vanilla Virginia Black Bear: Vanilla Russian Imperial Stout flavored with dark chocolate, coffee, and vanilla

Midnight Brewery—Rockville

—Not My Job: Southern English Brown Ale with notes of toffee and chocolate

—Midnight Granite: Rich Oatmeal Stout with a subtle roast and smooth chocolate notes

Center of the Universe—Ashland

—Orange is the New Stout: Imperial Chocolate Stout crafted with oranges and sea salt

—Shut Up 2015: Belgian Dark Strong, aged in bourbon and port barrels, has a delicate chocolate finish

—El Duderino: White Russian milk has flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and espresso


—Legend Chocolate Porter: Rich Porter with caramel and chocolate malts

Rusty Beaver—Ruther Glen

—Roy’s Big Bad Brown Ale: Brown Ale with deep chocolate notes

—Quake Stout: Imperial Stout with pale, black, and chocolate malt

Ardent Craft Ales—Richmond

—Dark Rye: American Imperial Stout with a dry, chocolaty finish

Ardent Brewery Richmond


—Woodbooger Belgian-Style Brown Ale: Brown Ale with hints of chocolate, caramel, and fruits

Triple Crossing Brewing—Richmond

—Vanilla Night Lands: Spiced Imperial Stout with vanilla beans and cacao nibs


  • Charlottesville Area Breweries

Beer Hound—Culpeper

—Fang: Oatmeal Stout with aromas of coffee, dark unsweetened chocolate, and biscuit

—Archie: English Brown Ale featuring hints of citrus and baker’s chocolate

Devil’s Backbone—Roseland

—Danzig: Baltic-Style Porter blends chocolate, coffee, and hints of caramelized sugar

—Skull Crushing Ape: Blend of Swarz, Weisen, and Dopple Bock has chocolate, banana, and spice notes

—Dead Bear: English-Style Stout with rich notes of chocolate

Wild Wolf—Nellysford

—Strawberry Schwarzcake: Fruity Schwarzbier is extremely light with notes of chocolate, roasted malt, and a touch of strawberry

—Dry Stout: Medium-bodied Stout with chocolate aroma and medium hops


—Pavilion Porter: Session Porter with big notes of chocolate and coffee


—Black Me: Stout with wheat and chocolate malt

Starr Hill—Crozet

—Little Red Roostarr: Coffee Cream Milk Stout with chocolate and caramel notes

—Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout: Full-bodied Imperial Stout filled with cherry and dark chocolate flavor

—Debut Double Chocolate Stout: Full-bodied Imperial Stout with aromas of dark chocolate, mocha, and vanilla

—Bourbon Barrel Shakedown: Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout aged in bourbon barrels. Vanilla, toasted coconut, bittersweet chocolate, and subtle fruit hints

Three Notch’d—Charlottesville

—No Veto: English Brown Ale with notes of caramel and toffee has a touch of chocolate and espresso

—Oats McGoats: Oatmeal Stout with a flavor of semi-sweet baking chocolate

—Biggy S’mores: Imperial Stout made with graham crackers has a rich, chocolate finish

—Hysteria: Imperial Hoppy Brown Wheat has a complex malt flavor of chocolate, caramel, and nuts

—Elated Coconut: Porter brewed with cocoa powder and shredded coconut

—Choc D: Chocolate Dunkelweizen has a heavy dose of chocolate malt and organic cacao nibs

Blue Mountain Brewery—Afton

—Dark Hollow Chocolate & Coffee Aged: Imperial Stout has notes of chocolate, oak, vanilla, bourbon, and coffee

South Street Brewery—Charlottesville

—Satan’s Pony: Amber Ale with caramel, wheat, and chocolate malts

—Anastasia’s Chocolate Fantasy: Russian Imperial Stout with heavy body, strong cocoa, and chocolate malt


  • Roanoke Area Breweries

Apocalypse Ale Works—Forest

—6th Seal: Chocolate Stout with hints of orange, toffee, and coffee

—6th Seal Imperial Stout: Seal Chocolate Stout with a stronger flavor and double the hops

—6th Seal Snack: Chocolate Stout enhanced with oatmeal, orange peel, raisins, and cinnamin

Apocalypse Ale Works

Chaos Mountain—Callaway

—Cocoborealis: Triple Chocolate Stout with strong flavors of chocolate and coffee

Big Lick Brewing Company—Roanoke

—Champurrado: Imperial Stout aged with cacao, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and Ancho chiles

Parkway Brewing Company—Salem

—Raven’s Roost: Baltic Porter has notes of chocolate, caramel, and toffee

Roanoke Railhouse—Roanoke

—Track1: Signature Lager with chocolate bitter notes and a light malt character

Soaring Ridge—Roanoke

—Trailhead: Nut Brown Ale with hints of nut, chocolate, and hops

—Switchback: India Pale Ale is highly hoppy with chocolate malt

—Twisted Stump Porter: Classic Porter with notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts

The River Company—Fairlawn

—Neopolo Milk Stout: Milk Stout with cacao, vanilla, and strawberry flavors

—Chill Chaser Spiced Chocolate Stout: Milk Stout with flavors of chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, chipotle, and cayenne peppers

—Dumpster Dog Porter: Complex Porter with a chocolate/coffee flavor

—Timber Brown Ale: Northern English-Style Brown Ale with malt chocolate and hoppy notes

Sunken City Brewing Company—Hardy

—John Henry’s Hammer Stout: American Imperial Stout with a mixed aroma of roast, coffee, and dark chocolate

—Nachthexen: Traditional German Wheat-Bock with caramel and chocolate flavors

Callaway Brewing Company—Callaway

—Blackwater Porter: Rich Porter has chocolate and coffee character


  • Virginia Beach/Williamsburg Area Breweries

Brass Cannon Brewing—Toano

—Smoothbore Stout: Full-Bodied Stout has strong flavors of coffee and dark chocolate, with hints of toasted bread and vanilla

Smartmouth Brewing Co.—Norfolk

—Cowcatcher Milk Stout: Milk Stout has aromas of rich cocoa and dark-roasted coffee beans

St. George Brewing Company—Hampton

—St. George Porter: Traditional English-Style Porter with flavors of caramel and chocolate

Williamsburg Alewerks—Williamsburg

—Washington’s Porter Ale: American Porter with aromas of chocolate, caramel, and roasted barley

—Tavern Ale: American Brown Ale has a nutty, chocolate aroma with flavors of caramel and pecans

Young Veterans—Virginia Beach

—Night Vision: American Stout has notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate

—Goat Locker: Breakfast Stout brewed with coffee, oatmeal, and chocolate


  • Alexandria/Arlington Area Breweries

Capitol City—Arlington

—Prohibition Porter: Traditional English-Style Ruby Brown Ale with chocolate malt flavor

—Fuel: Imperial Coffee Stout with oats, chocolate malt, roasted coffee, and barley

—Dunkelweizen: German Wheat Beer with chocolate, wheat, banana, and clove elements

—A Canny Lass: Scottish Ale with crystal, wheat, and chocolate malts

Forge Brew Works—Lorton

—Oatmeal Stout: English-Style Stout with oatmeal, chocolate, and caramel notes

Mad Fox—Falls Church

—Mason’s Dark & Mild: English-Style Session Ale accented with toffee and chocolate

Fair Winds Brewing Company—Lorton

—Flemish Stout: American Imperial Stout has light coffee and bitter chocolate notes

Port City Brewing Company—Alexandria

—Port City Porter: Porter with bittersweet dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors

Caboose Brewing Company—Vienna

—Vanilla Bean Hobo Imperial Stout: Imperial Stout with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and toffee notes

—Caboose Brown Ale: American Brown Ale with full-bodied chocolate and caramel flavors


  • Leesburg Area Breweries

Belly Love—Purcellville

—Eye of Jupiter: Oatmeal Stout with hints of dark cocoa and roasted coffee

—Boom Choco LoCo Boom: Robust Porter with dark cocoa, cinnamon, ancho, guajillo, and chipotle peppers

—Bust A Coconut: Porter made with chocolate and fresh coconut

Adroit Theory Brewing Company—Purcellville

—Black as Your Soul: Imperial Stout aged in Tequila Barrels has flavors of chestnut wood, hazelnut, and baker’s chocolate

—BLVCK Celebration: Imperial Porter with roasty and chocolate notes balanced with sweet maple and molasses

Corcoran Brewing Company—Waterford

—Slainte Stout: Stout has a smooth, chocolate finish

Crooked Run Brewing—Leesburg

—Biscotti Stout: Imperial Stout with chocolate, almond, and hazelnut flavors

Lost Rhino Brewing Company—Ashburn

—Woody Stout: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout has a blend of spicy chocolate, vanilla, and coffee notes


  • Shenandoah Valley Breweries

Blue Lab Brewing Company—Lexington

—Coffee Chocolate Stout: Chocolate Stout made with organic French Roast coffee and bittersweet chocolate

Blue Lab Brewing Company

Seven Arrows Brewing Company—Waynesboro

—The Witching Hour Black Lager: Black Lager has strong flavors of caramel and chocolate

—Deadfall Porter: Brown Porter has notes of caramel, chocolate, toffee, and nuts

—Sundog Milkstout: Milk Stout has aroma of chocolate with hints of coffee and mocha

Brothers Craft Brewing—Harrisonburg

—Elementary: Robust Porter with coffee, caramel, and dark chocolate notes

—Resolute: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout with flavors of chocolate, espresso, oak, and vanilla

Pale Fire Brewing Company—Harrisonburg

—Lucille Oatmeal Stout: Oatmeal Stout brewed with oats has flavors of roasted coffee beans, dark chocolate, and toasted bread

—MOMO™ Belgian Chocolate Stout: Belgian Chocolate Stout infused with dark fruits and chocolate


  • Manassas/Warrenton Area Breweries

Old Bust Head—Warrenton

—Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout: Russian Imperial Stout with a dark berry sweetness and roasted tones of bittersweet chocolate and espresso

—Covert h’Ops Black IPA Dry-Hopped: Black IPA with pine and grapefruit notes that compliment dark chocolate and espresso flavors

—Nitro Oatmeal Stout: Oatmeal Stout has flavors of honey, oats, and light milk chocolate with a light coffee finish

—Chinquapin Chestnut Porter: Porter with flavors of cocoa, roasted malts, coffee, and chestnuts

—Chocolate Chili Gold Cup: Limited Release Russian Imperial Stout flavored with chipotle peppers and cacao nibs

—Cherry Chocolate Gold Cup: Limited Release Russian Imperial Stout with tart black cherry and dark chocolate notes

Heritage Brewing Co.—Manassas

—Sovereign Stout: Dry Irish Stout with flavors of chocolate and coffee


  • Abingdon Area Breweries

The Damascus Brewery—Damascus

—Reason: Irish Stout with dark complexion, creamy finish, and chocolate flavors

—Beaver Fever Porter: Porter with coffee and chocolate flavors

Damascus Brewery


Wolf Hills Brewing Co.—Abingdon

—American Stout: Light Stout with hints of chocolate

—Stonewall Heights Stout: Stout has chocolate, biscuit, and caramel flavors

—Long December Oatmeal Stout: English-Style Stout brewed with fresh oats has a chocolate and coffee bitterness, along with a slight taste of hops


  • Fredericksburg Area Breweries

Blue & Gray—Fredericksburg

—Stonewall Stout: Dry Stout with strong coffee notes and hints of dark chocolate

—Temporary Insanity: Russian-Style Imperial Stout with flavors of dark fruits, malts, and chocolate

—Chocolate Raspberry Stout: Chocolate Raspberry Stout made with natural raspberry and roasted chocolate barley malt

Adventure Brewing Company—Fredericksburg

—Stiletto Stout: Stout with hints of chocolate and coffee

—Chocolate Orange Wheat: Hefeweizen made with cocoa nibs, wheat, and orange peels

—My Sweet Love Chocolate Cherry Stout: Chocolate Stout with sweet cherry and chocolate flavors

—Cool Love Cocoa Mint Stout: Chocolate Stout with hints of cool mint and strong roasted chocolate flavors

Spencer Devon Brewing—Fredericksburg

—Rocko’s Milk Stout: Milk Stout has a chocolate finish with hints of coffee

—Rye Porter: Full-bodied Porter has bold aromas of dark chocolate and coffee


Before you visit the brewery for that chocolate beer, make sure to give them a call to see what they have available.

What’s your favorite chocolate-flavored brew? Let us know which Virginia beer you turn to for a quick cocoa fix!


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