You are currently viewing Thanks to our very own Austin for teaching the Rebuild class here @ Voltage Vapin’!

Thanks to our very own Austin for teaching the Rebuild class here @ Voltage Vapin’!

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A big thank you goes out to our very own Austin for teaching everyone to rebuild their RDAs and Rebuildable Tanks at the Rebuild Class this Saturday!

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We had a great turnout again for the rebuild class this Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and Austin taught a lot of people how to build their attys. The next rebuild class will be at 2pm-6pm January 23rd.

Come hang out any Saturday for our free rebuild class to learn from some of the best on how to build coils, battery safety and anything you would like to know about vaping!

We Introduce to you…

The Congrevape 26650 Catemizer RDACatemizer

After a long, hard search, we came along this beautiful beast of an RDA for the 26650 crowd… from the people who brought you the Doge and the Doge V2 RDA, we bring you the Authentic Catemizer 26650 RDA!

The Catemizer Rda is Made with both flavor and clouds in mind, made easy by the rockin’ Diamond Slit for the Airflow, which is unobstructed by anything, and this RDA comes with a chuff cap for max airflow.  What makes this RDA a little different, however, is the ability to change this 3-post RDA to a 4-post RDA!!!  Make this RDA YOUR RDA by tailoring it however you need.  Lock down a sick build with the flat top post screws, and vape away!

The Congrevape Catemizer 26650 RDA… check it out today at Voltage Vapin’, your Go-To vape shop for all your vaping needs!

Pair your Catemizer with the Hammer of God!

Hammer of Gods

Hammer of God Specs:

  • Dimensions : 4.1 inch x 1.8 inch x 1.8 inch
  • Silver Plated Contacts
  • Locking Switch
  • Mechanical Switch with Delrin Button
  • LED Voltage Display
  • Magnetic doors

The Hammer of God is an awesome Dual Parallel 18650 Series Box Mod. It fires at a constant 8.4v (on fully charged batteries) and will display your volts on the back to let you know your battery life. So if you are looking for a lot of power and battery life to match, then look no further than the Hammer of God!

 Or one our Nasy Box Mod Triple Series PWM




If you’re looking for a quality unregulated series box mod, look no farther. The Fractured Jaw is a Triple 18650 unregulated series box mod with PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation). Made out of solid billet aluminum and with press-to-click MyTech buttons, these boxes are made to last! Each one is laser etched with the Nasy Box logo. Every box is incredibly durable, and perform just as well.

**Recommended to run at .45ohms or higher**


  • PWM chip
  • Magnetic Door w/ hidden magnets
  • 12mm switch
  • Dual 18650 Aluminum billet box powder coated black! “NO LEAN”
  • Logo “laser etched”
  • Fat Daddy spring loaded 510
  • 14ga ox. free copper wire
  • 3d printed battery tray made by Modz By Nasy colored to match the wrap
  • Available in different colors!

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