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Thanks to Chris for teaching the Rebuild Class at Voltage Vapin’!

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A big thank you goes out to Chris for teaching everyone to rebuild their RDAs and Rebuildable Tanks at the Rebuild Class this Saturday!

rebuild class rebuild class rebuild class rebuild class rebuild class rebuild class

We had a great turnout again for the rebuild class this Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and Austin taught a lot of people how to build their attys, and twisted some coils to do new and exciting things with!

The next rebuild class will be on November 21st from 2pm-6pm.

Come hang out any Saturday for our free rebuild class to learn from some of the best on how to build coils, battery safety and anything you would like to know about vaping!

The Lush RDA by Wotofo

rebuild class

The Lush RDA by Wotofo is a rebuildable dripping atomizer designed specifically to induce the most cyclonic and turbulent airflow possible, with six angular drilled airflow holes on each side, airflow control that can be adjusted to throttle airflow vertically or horizontally, a 10 mm deep juice well, as well as a versatile split positive build deck. The Lush’s airflow features six 2mm airflow holes on each side, with each vertical pair drilled in increasing angles to create a cyclonic effect within the deck chamber. This in turn creatures a unique vaping experience that ups the ante in overall flavor and vapor experience. The airflow control features a uniquely designed inner sleeve that, when adjusted in a specific direction, either vertically throttles or horizontally throttles the airflow, allowing users to configure desired airflow specifically with coil configurations and vape experiences. The deck features an enormous 10 mm deep juice well, with milled cutaway negative posts that drastically increase wicking and dripping area, while the dual split positive post makes coil compatibility simple and easy. Each post hole measures at 2mm to accommodate low gauge wire builds, while the squared PEEK insulator increases heat resistance and minimizes the chances of your center post turning. Manufactured out of high quality Stainless Steel with a silver plated copper contact, the Lush RDA is a workhorse atomizer that has ample and effective airflow, an extremely well rounded building deck, and the option for standard 510 drip tips or use with the included 12mm chuff cap for maximum airflow.

Product Features:

  • 22 mm Diameter
  • Angular Drilled Airflow
    • Six Airflow Holes Each Side
    • 2mm Each Air hole
    • Greatly Increases Cyclonic Effect
  • Specially Designed Airflow Control
    • Airflow Can Be Throttled Vertically or Horizontally
  • 10 mm Deep Juice Well
  • Deck milled Cutaway Negative Posts
  • Dual Split Positive Post
    • Squared PEEK Insulator
  • 2mm Post Holes
  • Silver Plated Copper Contact
  • 12mm Black Delrin Competition Drip Top
  • 510 Adapter with Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip
  • CNC Engraved Lush Logo
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Individually Serialized

Product Includes:

  • Lush RDA
  • 12mm Black Delrin Competition Drip Top
  • O-Rings (must be assembled prior to use)

Just an example of some of the new items! While you’re in for the rebuild class, don’t forget to check out all of the new items we have received in stock!

If you haven’t started building yet, make sure you look into our Rebuild Kits!

rebuild class


*while supplies last*


If you haven’t started dripping yet because you don’t know how to build coils, then look no further! This rebuild kit has everything necessary to start building coils, short of cotton and wire! Build with the same kit that our master builders use for our rebuild classes, and learn step by step, the right way. And for the seasoned drippers, we just got ceramic tweezers back in stock at a new low price! Make sure you don’t miss out on all of our great deals!

The rebuild kits include:

  • Wire cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Ohm Meter
  • 2 pairs of Tweezers
  • Double Sided Screw Driver
  • Roll Out Work Mat
  • Posts for Wrapping Coils

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