You are currently viewing Thanks to Marty for teaching the Rebuild Class here @ Voltage Vapin’!

Thanks to Marty for teaching the Rebuild Class here @ Voltage Vapin’!

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A big thank you goes out to Marty for teaching everyone to rebuild their RDAs and Rebuildable Tanks at the Rebuild Class this Saturday! DSC02922[1] DSC02923[1] DSC02924[1] DSC02925[1] DSC02928[1]DSC02927[1]


We had a great turnout again for the rebuild class this Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and Marty taught a lot of people how to build their attys, and a new way to wick them! The next rebuild class will be at 2pm-6pm November 7th.

Come hang out any Saturday for our free rebuild class to learn from some of the best on how to build coils, battery safety and anything you would like to know about vaping!

Dont Forget the Importance of Battery Safety!

**Always be sure to check your batteries**

Understanding your device is important. But understanding your batteries is equally important, if not more so. You have to know if your battery is powerful enough to run your device or RDA. You have to understand safe conditions for your batteries, as well as unsafe conditions. The reality is, the battery is easily the most integral part of a device.  If your battery has a tear in the wrap, moisture on the contacts, or makes contact with a metal surface, you could vent the battery and mess up the device– or worse. That’s why battery safety is so important.


Here at Voltage Vapin’, we make sure we always carry products to help keep your batteries safe, such as battery casings, battery sleeves and battery boxes, and we even offer a re-wrap service for your battery wraps that have begun to peel off. For only a few dollars, it doesn’t hurt to take that extra step and make sure your batteries are protected– because anything could happen.

Battery Safety

  • Always be safe and replace battery wraps if they look damaged or are showing exposed battery, in order to ensure that you do not cause issues with your device. Having exposed batteries can cause them to arc, and ruin a device and/or cause bodily injury.

  • Always be sure to keep your batteries in some form of a case or sleeve, when not in your device. An unprotected battery has the possibility to discharge if any metal surface touches both the positive and negative ends (i.e. leaving in pocket with keys) and/or cause bodily injury.

  • When putting the battery in your device, always make sure that you’re putting it in the right way. Putting batteries in the wrong way can cause your device to short out and/or cause bodily injury.

  • Be sure to check your atomizer before using it with an unregulated device. If your atomizer is shorting or reading anything other than what it should, you could potentially ruin your battery if you try to fire it and/or cause bodily injury.

**If you are ever unsure about what battery to use, please refer to the battery safety sheet available in store or ask one of our team members**

While you’re here, check out the

Eleaf iStick 100w!

eleaf 100w

Features and Specs:

  • Variable Wattage: 5.0W – 100W
  • Variable Voltage: 2.0V – 10V
  • Resistance Range: 0.15 to 5.0 ohm
  • Dual Magnetized Battery Cover
  • OLED Display
  • Spring Loaded 510 Contact Pin
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threads
  • Passthrough Functionality

The iStick 100W is a new addition to the iStick series. The 100 watts maximum output will give you a powerful vaping experience. Designed with changeable 18650’s, it will be more convenient for users who like to carry spare batteries. The ventilation holes are specially added for better heat dissipation. With a round and smooth surface, our iStick 100W will also give you a great feel in your hand.

*We recommend using an external charger for your batteries for optimal and balanced charging.*


13 Heavens 9 Hells Authentic RDA

13 heavens

The centerpiece of the 13 Heavens 9 Hells is the absolutely overbuilt deck, with enormous 3mm holes post holes, to fit any build you love.  Another innovative touch on the deck is the integrated negative posts; they’re milled out from the deck body and jut out from the lip of the juice well, but below the post holes the negative posts are carved out to make more room for air and juice.  The result of all this intricate engineering is an extremely roomy juice well that can accommodate extreme coil builds.

Come by Voltage Vapin’ and check out all of the new products we now have in stock!

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