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Voltage Vapin’s Quarterly Employee Appreciation Dinner!!!

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This week we had our Quarterly Employee Appreciation Dinner at Ledo Pizza!!

As you all know the Voltage Vapin’ team works hard to make sure we are giving our customers the best customer service available in the industry.  We like our team to also know that Voltage Vapin’ likes taking care of them as well.

It’s always good to get together outside of work and let loose.

We had good food and a great time!

bill beer (x700)bill vaping beer (x700)
dustin winner(x700)debby with menu (x700)dustin and t (x700)lyndsey and austinscott and kevin 3 (x700)     jay vaping (x700)


There were a lot of sweet employee door prizes as well! They won mods, atty’s and e-liquid! Just about every employee won something.

austin winner (x700)



dustin winner(x700)kevin winner(x700)scott winner(x700)


We would also like to thank each and everyone of our customers.  We have been blessed with such amazing customers most of you are like family to us. We appreciate your business and are here to serve you.


The Voltage Vapin’ Employees would like to thank Jeremy at Ledo’s!  He did a great job taking care of us.  Jeremy, thank you for a job well done spoiling us rotten! We will be back.


jay thanking waiter (x700

Good times and laughs were had by all!

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