You are currently viewing Voltage Vapin is tasting great flavors from Lex12, and everyone had a blast!

Voltage Vapin is tasting great flavors from Lex12, and everyone had a blast!

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We had a great time tasting great flavors from Lex12… and look at all the raffle winners!


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Looks like our Lex12 sampling was a blast for everyone who attended!  Lex12 brought great flavors like Sparkling Moon (a white grape tobacco), Red Crush (a cherry tobacco) and Broken Dawn (a rum coffee).  With all of the flavors to be enjoyed, there was also pizza and cookies to please the palate.

In between all the delicious flavors of e-liquid tasted, there were also winners drawn from all our door prizes! Raffle winners walked away with an E-leaf I-stick 50 Watt, an Ego One XL Kit, and even a Voltage Vapin’ t-shirt!  We had one customer rededicate herself to vaping, and proved it by stepping on her (last!) cigarettes.  Quitting with style, she picked up an Emow mega kit, and later on in the day, she won the SVD 1.0!

Our customers got a chance to taste some awesome flavors, free pizza, and won some great prizes!  Just another day at Voltage Vapin’!





Check out the KangarTech EMOW Variable Voltage Starter Kit!




The Kanger EMOW variable voltage starter kit is the newest and most advanced Kanger starter kit yet! Perfect for new vapers who want to start with something higher performance than a basic set up or anyone looking for an excellent upgrade, the Kanger EMOW battery and clearomizer combo has all of the features and performance you need for an incredible vaping experience!

The Kanger EMOW battery is a long-lasting 1300 mAh variable voltage battery, and with twice the live span of the standard Kanger EVOD battery, the EMOW should be able to keep you vaping all day and then some! The voltage is easy to change by simply clicking the button 3 times, allowing you to toggle between 3.7 (Red), 4.2(Green), and 4.8(White) Volts – the three most common voltages where we like to vape. Each power level is indicated by the button lighting up a different color, so you will always know your current setting

The EMOW clearomizer is another amazing innovation from Kanger!  Taking notes from the incredibly popular Aerotank Mega the Kanger EMOW Clearomizer uses the same dual coil atomizer design and features a rotating ring for fully adjustable airflow.  This kit comes standard with 1.5 ohm atomizer coils which produce an amazing amount of delicious vapor, especially when the voltage is turned up!



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