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Thanks to Marty for teaching our Rebuild Class at Voltage Vapin

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A Big Thank You goes out to Marty for teaching everyone to rebuild their RDAs and rebuildable tanks at the rebuild class on the 25th of July!



 We thank Marty for teaching the class on July 25th! Everyone had a great time and Marty taught people how to build their attys.  The next rebuild class will be at 2 pm-6 pm Saturday August 1st, and we’d love to see you there. While you are here, don’t forget to check out our sales we have going on!!!!

IPV3 Li 165w temperature control box mod

ipv 3 li

Authentic Pioneer4You IPV3 Li 165W With Temperature Control

The classic look of the original IPV3 with entirely redesigned internals. The P4Y IPV3 Li box mod is a 165 watt (upgradable to 200W) box mod with temperature control. This box mod uses a Yihi chip. One of the smaller changes that everyone will love with the P4Y IPV3 Li is the addition of a magnetic door, no more pulling out the screwdriver every time you need to replace those 18650s! Were you upset that the touch sense didn’t work on the first IPV3? Pioneer4You has included the touch sensor in this IPV3 model!

Temperature Control IPV3 Li Features:

  • 165 Watts (Upgradable To 200 Watts)
  • Original IPV3 Case
  • Yihi SX330-V3SL Temperature Control Chip
  • Dual 18650
  • Enabled Touch Sensor
  • Magnetic Battery Door
  • Redesigned Internals

Come by and check out these new items and all of our sales we have going on!!

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