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Here are just a few Services we offer our amazing customers at Voltage Vapin’ .

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We here at Voltage Vapin’ try our best to provide the best experience for everyone who comes in. We are constantly thinking of new ideas to help make your experience better throughout your time here with us. Here are just some of the services we provide to help make your visit here more enjoyable.



We provide FREE rebuild class every Saturday between 2-6pm. We teach everyone who is getting into rebuilding all about battery safety, different coil designs, all in a nice friendly atmosphere.  We want you to come in relax, have fun, and learn something new.


Other services we provide that you may never have known about, are Battery Wraps and pre-built coils. If you have a battery with a damaged wrap, then come by and we will inspect your battery.  If your battery is still good, we have a rewrap service so you can get them repaired! We also provide pre-built coil packs with cotton. This for when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to build your own.  That way if you are a rush,and don’t have time to build your own, we have you covered! And last but not least we sell pre-charged 18650 batteries so you can leave the store vaping, instead of having to rush home to charge your battery.

battery wraps prebuilt

We also want to remind everyone that we provide life time technical support on your purchases. If you have any issues with your batteries or tanks, we are more than happy for you to give us a call or stop by and we will troubleshoot the issue and try our best to fix it’s repairable.

With any purchase at Voltage Vapin’ we provide you with free setup training.  We sit down with you and provide a 1 on 1 experience to show you how to set everything up.  We provide the same service with anyone who buys their first RDA. We take the time to show you a little about the building progress and make sure you leave here vaping and happy! Never be afraid to ask us any questions. When it comes to your device and safety will will answer anything! There are no dumb questions. We want to make sure you understand your device and how to use it safely.


Where other shops may have their own punch cards when you buy liquids, we here at Voltage Vapin’ provide constant giveaways that gives our customers a chance to win amazing devices or even large bottles of our premium liquid blends. Did we have a liquid that we used to carry that used to be your favorite and now it’s gone? No worries we can special order any liquid we have carried in the past as long as we still carry the brand, to make sure you get what you need.

062915 winner-Alex Wiseman

We just want to show that you, our customers, are like family to us. We also want you to experience a nice, inviting environment from the time you walk in until you walk out. We allow pets for those hot summer days or cold winter evenings when you would never want to leave your pet out in a vehicle while you shop! We try to help the community by supporting local food banks and support local vape events.



Come on down to Voltage Vapin’ and let us spoil you rotten. We want you to experience the best customer service in the industry.

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