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Thank you to Kevin for Hosting Our Rebuild Class @ Voltage Vapin’!

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A Big Thank You goes out to Kevin for teaching everyone to Rebuild their RDAs and Rebuildable Tanks at the rebuild class this Saturday!

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We had a great turnout again for the rebuild class this Saturday.  Everyone had a great time and Kevin taught a lot of people how to build their attys.  Kevin even did a coil build for an SVD 1.0, which needs high resistance coils!  He can even teach you to rebuild with special coils like: Twisted, Parallel, Zipper, Claptons, and more! The next rebuild class will be at 2pm-6pm Saturday May 23rd, we’d love to see you there, and while you are here don’t forget to check out our new products in stock!!


Hellboy RDA clone in stock!

hell boy

Hellboy RDA Clone Features:

  • Unique square design
  • 5ml juice well
  • 12 airflow holes (2mm each)
  • Adjustable airflow system
  • Copper contact pin

Royal Hunter RDA Clone in stock!


Royal Hunter RDA Clone Features:

  • Ultra wide bore Drip tip
  • Silver plated contact
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Adapter for standard size drip tips
  • Available in Stailess Steal or Matte Black with Gold

As always we are constantly adding new products. Be sure to keep checking the site and swing by the shop to check out all of the new products in stock.

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