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Another Mile High Drip Winner @ Voltage Vapin’

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The winner of this Mile High Drip giveaway is…

David Owens!!!



Congratulations David Owens! David told us this was the first contest he has ever won. We hope you enjoy that 120ml bottle of Crack Loops! We have another drawing of the Mile High Drip contest at Voltage Vapin’ this week! We will be giving away yet another 120ml bottle of juice! When you come in and buy a bottle of Mile High, and your purchase is $100 or over, you are automatically entered into the contest!!

Here’s the best part, the price is $14.95 for a 30ml Bottle!

Congratulations again to David Owens enjoy your Mile High Drip!!


Mile High logo

Mile High Drip is one of the hottest new Dripping E-liquid companies out now.

Focusing on natural extracts in “VG Rich” blends with no artificial dyes, diacetyl/diketones, or sucralose.  Mile High drip blends offer flavors that pop, but remain “oh so smooth” on sub-ohm builds with unique blends that you won’t find in any other lines.

Mile High Drip was voted Best Drip In Denver! 

We currently carry:

Nanner -The smoothest banana flavor you have ever tasted. Subtle fruits layered under banana yum, with a hint of Citrus Pop.

Sinful – A Bakery Danish blend profile, that is sinfully addictive! Need we say more?

JaMakin’ Clouds – Mango Creme with a contrasting sweet fruit on the exhale.

Here’s the best part, the price is $14.95 for a 30ml Bottle!


Crack Loopz Our most layered flavor blend to date! Most say it is spot on “Fruit Loops”, focusing on the Orange & Lemon loops. Others say it’s the most addicting ADV they have ever had! Hence the name “Crack Loops”.

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