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Independence Golf Club Fitting Event & Demo Day

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We are excited to announce our first Fitting Event this year at Independence Golf Club on Saturday April 25, 2015 11-3:00. Take this opportunity to try the leading golf equipment on the market today.  Staff fitters for each vendor will be available and reservations are now being made for you to be professionally fit in order to insure you are getting the best purchase available. Unlike other “Demo-Day” events this unique event will focus on the individual golfer to insure he/she gets the perfect fit. Please contact us to reserve a private spot w/ any (or several) particular vendors and just let us know what equipment you are interested in (for that particular vendor). Private slots are $50 each with that fee going towards any purchase.

This process will allow those seriously interested in purchasing the right equipment are given the time and service they deserve. This process is unlike most “Demo-Day’s” where you stand in a line 4 or 5 deep waiting behind those golfers who are just there to hit free golf balls.