You are currently viewing New Mod in Stock at Voltage Vapin’!!! – The Dimitri Mod Clone!!!

New Mod in Stock at Voltage Vapin’!!! – The Dimitri Mod Clone!!!

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New Mod In Stock at Voltage Vapin’!!! The Dimitri Mod Clone has arrived!!!

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We are proud to announce that we are bringing in The Dimitri Mod Clone!!! This awesome box mod takes dual 18650, it’s unregulated, and has a sliding back door!!! The Dimitri Mechanical Box Mod is one classy looking mod. It has a simple Aluminium Alloy body with gold accents on the firing switch and the logo that really adds flare to it’s overall appearance. On cool feature is that you can run either one 18650 battery or two, so you can still use this even if you only own one battery right! 

Come by Voltage Vapin’ today and check these amazing mods out! Don’t forget that if you are new into dripping and a little hesitant, we host rebuild classes every Saturday between 2-6pm. Also when you purchase any RDA with us the first build is free!!!

Not only is the Dimitri Mod Clone an awesome little box mod, but it’s a great way to get into the dripping scene, and for a great price!!!


  • Sliding Back Door
  • Black and Brass button
  • Unregulated
  • Dual 18650 Full mechanical box mod
  • Serialized
  • Gold plated “Dimitri” logo plate
  • Delrin insulators
  • Silver platiing over pure copper contacts (negative)
  • 99.9% copper contacts (positive)
  • Adjustable negative battery contacts
  • Floating positive pins

Some good RDA’s you could look for when you purchase a Dimitri Mod Clone or any mod would be:

Vertex V2:

Vertex V2 RDA's Blk, Copper Angle 2



  • Adjustable center pin

  • Dual Coil Builds and AFC

  • Center pin is sold copper with silver plating

  • AFC with dual or single airhole options

  • Reduced chamber with domed top cap for maximum flavor

  • Large post holes to accomodate lower gauge wire

  • Deck and negative posts machined from a solid block

  • Peek insulators

  • 22mm design

  • 2mm negative post holes & 2.5mm positive post holes

 Turbo RDA:

The Turbo RDA is manufactured by Tobeco, and designed by their USA Team “Ohm Nation”. This RDA has a PC grade plastic turbine wheel never seen in the market. This fan is designed to help draw in more air with ease, creating thicker and denser clouds. The Turbo RDA has a 304 stainless steel body with heat sinks at the bottom base, and at the top cap, adjustable airflow in the shape of the “Om” symbol. It has a 3 post design, with a square center post, and negative post machined to the deck that prevents spinning posts, high heat resistant PEEK insulator. To top it all off it includes a 22mm pyrex glass tip, as well as a 510 adapter to use any drip tip.

TURBO RDA Features:

  • PC grade plastic turbine wheel
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heat sinks to dissipate heat
  • Square posts to prevent “Spinning post”
  • PEEK insulator
  • Negative posts machined to base
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Deep juice well


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