You are currently viewing Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Voltage Vapin’ team!!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Voltage Vapin’ team!!!

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Voltage Vapin’!!!

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From the entire Voltage Vapin’ team we would like to wish everyone an awesome Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to wear some green and check out our pot of gold!!! Here is are some things to look for when you stop by:


The TURBO RDA are back in stock at Voltage Vapin’!

That’s right, the TURBO RDA is now back in stock at Voltage Vapin’!


The Turbo RDA is manufactured by Tobeco, and designed by their USA Team “Ohm Nation”. This RDA has a PC grade plastic turbine wheel never seen in the market. This fan is designed to help draw in more air with ease, creating thicker and denser clouds. The Turbo RDA has a 304 stainless steel body with heat sinks at the bottom base, and at the top cap, adjustable airflow in the shape of the “Om” symbol. It has a 3 post design, with a square center post, and negative post machined to the deck that prevents spinning posts, high heat resistant PEEK insulator. To top it all off it includes a 22mm pyrex glass tip, as well as a 510 adapter to use any drip tip.

TURBO RDA Features:

  • PC grade plastic turbine wheel
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heat sinks to dissipate heat
  • Square posts to prevent “Spinning post”
  • PEEK insulator
  • Negative posts machined to base
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Deep juice well

Get yours while they last!

New Mod In Stock at Voltage Vapin’!!! We have the SMK MODS – Flagship V2!!


We are bringing in all four of these SMK MODS – Flagship V2, and not only are they authentic, but they also come with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturer defects!!! These mods were just released, so come by Voltage Vapin’ today and check these amazing mods out! Don’t forget that if you are new into dripping and a little hesitant, we host rebuild classes every Saturday between 2-6pm. Also when you purchase any RDA with us the first build is free!!!

These Flagship V2 mods are a no brainer.  They are American made at an affordable price with a lifetime warranty.

 Come get yours today!



  • Copper ball bearing button
  • Copper plated spring
  • Copper contacts to maximize conductivity
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects

Back in stock at Voltage Vapin’ The JoyeTech eGo ONE kit!

That’s right, the JoyeTech eGo ONe kits are now back in stock at Voltage Vapin’!


Petite yet powerful, eGo ONE is the One device for everyone. Adhering to this concept, eGo ONE stands out from different kinds of e-cig products by using two types of changeable atomizer head to cater for different vaping methods: mouth inhale, mouth to lung inhale or direct lung inhale. We have the 2200mah version in stock and these things are awesome!  If you want to get into sub ohm vaping fast and cheap or if you want a nice stealth sub ohm vape this is the setup for you!





Standard Configuration:
1 * eGo ONE battery
1 * eGo ONE Atomizer Tube
2 * eGo ONE CL Atomizer Head (0.5/1.0ohm)
1 * eGo ONE Atomizer Base
1 * eGo ONE Mouthpiece (Metal)
1 * eGo ONE Mouthpiece (Organic glass)
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual and Warranty Card
1 * Wall Adapter(1A)









Product Parameters:
eGo One:
Atomizer Capacity: 1.8/2.5ml
Battery Capacity: 1100/2200mAh
Color: Silver

eGo ONE Atomizer Head:
Height: 25.5mm
Diameter: 19mm
Resistance: 0.5/1.0ohm






Petite but Powerful

eGo ONE is petite in appearance, as long as a real cigarette, but is powerful enough to produce awesome clouds!

Come by Voltage Vapin’ today and pick yours up!


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