You are currently viewing The host of this week’s rebuild class @ Voltage Vapin’ will be Marty from Obsessive Vaping . COM !!

The host of this week’s rebuild class @ Voltage Vapin’ will be Marty from Obsessive Vaping . COM !!

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Marty will be back at Voltage Vapin’ from 2 to 6 PM on Saturday, Feb 21st, running the rebuild class. Don’t miss out on a free chance to pick an expert’s brain!! If you recently picked up an RDA or a Kayfun or an Orchid this is the perfect opportunity to get FREE TRAINING from the master himself!


DSC00126   DSC00886

Come hang out any Saturday for our free rebuild sessions to learn from some of the best on how to build coils, battery safety and anything you would like to know about vaping!

 If you are thinking about dripping, what are you waiting for?? We have 2 specials going on now!

Buy a Stingray X Mod Clone & a Big Dripper RDA combo for $80.00 and get a free Sony VCT4 battery!

Stingray X, Big Dripper Combo     Sony VTC4 2100mah



Stingray X Mod Clone:

The Stingray X is the evolution of the Stingray mod from JD Tech.  The Stingray X is actually two tubes, one inside the other.  The inner copper tube handles all of the electrical stuff.  Conductivity is un-matched.  The outer stainless steel sleeve, with the decorative cutouts, provide the proper level of sophistication to really set this mod off.

When you add in the matching drip tip, the entire setup just screams class.

Taking it to the next level, however, Tobeco has included the hybrid adapter as well.  With this, you simply remove the top cap, screw this on your favorite atomizers and then screw it all onto the battery tube.

Purchase a SMPL Mod Clone & Copper 18650 TOBH combo for $75.00 and receive a free Sony VCT4 Battery!

SMPL & Copper TOBH


It’s the perfect time to finally make the jump to rebuilding and mechanical mods!  The SMPL Mod is the perfect mod for the job.  It is one of the most basic, simple, easy to use mechanical mod on the market!  It’s simplicity pays off two fold, it makes it easy to use, and it has an incredibly low voltage drop.  With the button being the only threads on the tube, and the top cap being a hybrid 510 connection, that means longer lasting battery, and it’ll hit like a Mack truck!



  • 18650 Battery Tube (Copper)
  • “No top cap” design
  • Removable bottom switch with engraved logo
  • Spring loaded firing switch
  • Battery vents in button
  • Measures 22mm wide by 78mm tall

Copper TOBH RDA Clones are also available at Voltage Vapin’. These look and function great on any Mech Mod.

TOBH Copper



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