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25 Perfect Proposal Locations in Virginia

You’re thinking about asking a certain question of a special someone and you need ideas. Should you do the whole “down on bended knee” thing, drop the ring in a glass of champagne, air write your love? Well, we don’t know about those, but we can give you some ideas for locations to propose to your dearest.


Wintergreen Resort Sunrise Winter 2015

Wintergreen Resort Sunrise


Wintergreen Resort is a four-season resort with snow sports, golf, and more, but it’s the view we’re interested in right now. Let the photo to the right speak louder than any of these words can.

Besides a photographer or hiker looking to get an early start, you shouldn’t encounter too much traffic at a Skyline Drive or Blue Ridge Parkway overlook. If you feel like hiking to have a truly unmatched experience, these are great views:

Dan Ingalls Overlook

Dan Ingalls Overlook

Whitetop Mountain is Virginia’s second highest peak and has stunning panoramic views of three states on a clear day. The highest peak, Mount Rogers, would also be an excellent choice for the hiking couple. There are wild ponies who may share in your joy!

Dan Ingalls Overlook in Bath County affords a breathtaking view complete with benches to enjoy your time together. Or catch her when she falls. *smile*



Pick a beach, any beach! You’ll find privacy on the Eastern Shore or at Sandbridge Beach, just south of the resort area of Virginia Beach.

Lighthouses are often a go-to for proposals as well, and Virginia has a number to choose from.

There are amazing sunrises and sunsets at Virginia’s lakes. Kerr Lake, Smith Mountain Lake and Lake Anna are the three largest lakes and have the most shoreline to situate yourself for the perfect opportunity.


Mill Mountain Star

Mill Mountain Star


A quiet place where there is little to no light pollution. Does it still exist? It does! Spread a blanket and be amazed at the night sky. When the time is right (you’ll know it!), ask that one question.

Maybe it’s not about the dark and seeing real stars, but about a memorable star. If so, there’s only one: the Mill Mountain Star in Roanoke. And yes, we want to see a selfie afterward!



A lush, blooming garden is a great place for a spring or summer proposal (minding your allergies, of course). These gardens come to mind when considering beautiful backdrops and settings to await a “YES!”

Eyre Hall Gardens in Cheriton on Virginia’s Eastern Shore include canopies of crape myrtles with sweet wooden benches tucked beneath, the ruins of an 1819 orangery, and plenty of other paths and beds of beauty.

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Image by Frank Doherty.

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Image by Frank Doherty.

At the Edith J. Carrier Botanical Gardens in Harrisonburg you’ll find a duck pond with an arched bridge. Work with a photographer (and the Garden itself) to arrange to have the moment captured forever at this magical spot.

If you love cherry blossoms, we have great news! You don’t have to go to Washington, D.C. to walk among them. Head to Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach where there are rows of these dainty pinkish-white lovelies to stroll between and drop to a knee. It’s also another great engagement portrait  location.

Gigantic trees with branches so low you can sit on them, a waterfall and other water features, flowering nooks, architecture … you can find these at Maymont in Richmond.

We wish you all the best, and a life filled with LOVE and happiness!

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