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Tour Issue Shaft Sale – Ending Friday

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So cleaning things out and have some pretty exotic tour issue shafts and prototypes.  All of them were built for Taylor Made and the tips will fit the Taylor Made SLDR, RBZ Stage 2, R1, and even the 2014 Adams XTD heads. The last two have tips to fit the R11S and R11 TP (as noted). Please note that I will only be running this special to my customers and will be closing this listing on Friday and moving what hasn’t sold to Ebay. The prices are non-negotiable with local pick up. Shipping is available with shipping and handling charges additional based on destination. All Shafts will play typical standard lengths but would vary a little bit based on the head used. The price of $75 is  per individual shaft listed ($75 per shaft picked). Once you pay via paypal just let me know what specific shaft you want and I will pull that shaft from this listing.

  1. Project X 8A4 – 83g 7.0 Tip Extra Stiff – 3 Wood
  2. Project X 6A4 69g 7.0 Tip Stiff -Driver
  3. Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.2 X Flex – Driver
  4. Project X Prototype 7.0 66g – Driver
  5. Project X 6B7 69g 6.5 Tip Stiff – Driver
  6. Project X Prototype 7.0 66g – Driver
  7. UST Mamiya Elements Earth 6F5 – Driver
  8. Matrix Velox 70sp 105+ MPH – Driver
  9. Matrix VLCT-SP 105+mph – Driver
  10. Project X 7A3 X flex – Driver
  11. UST Mamiya Elements Fire 60g X flex – Driver
  12. Project X 6B7 69g 6.5 flex, Tip Stiff (2 available) – Driver (note R11S and R11TP Tip)