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1/9/2015 – Please be patient with us. Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) has granted us additional time. We now have until January 21st to identify a permanent placement for Promise the Swan. We are confident we can locate such a home. The Richmond Wildlife Center is hosting a continuing education raptor workshop tomorrow for licensed veterinarians in which DGIF is also participating. We also have 30 patients to care for, provide husbandry and medical care to each morning and evening. Patient treatments start between 8-9am and evening treatments begin at 4pm. Today, 1/9/2015, we only have two volunteers in our center; a licensed veterinarian and a veterinary assistant/wildlife care assistant. We ask for your patience today as we have many patients to care for and we must also prepare to execute our raptor workshop tomorrow which is critical to training more veterinarians in saving the the lives of our Hawks, Owls, Eagles, Falcons, Osprey, Vultures and other Birds of Prey.

We hope to send out our permanent placement survey today to all those who have expressed interest in providing a captive home for Promise. However, it may not be until Sunday before we can execute this. We are doing the best we can given we have no paid staff and limited volunteer staffing. Again please be patient with us. We WILL find a home for Promise.

In the interim, here is how you can help.

  1. Please continue to share Promise’s story. Of the 150 parties who have expressed interest in adopting Promise, the majority of those individuals reside out of state. One stipulation imposed by DGIF is that Promise the Mute Swan cannot leave Virginia. We need more Virginia contacts who may be willing to give Promise a home. Some stipulations that will be mandated may be a financial burden for many. Again, we need more contacts. Please contact your local Virginia newspapers, news stations, bloggers, friends, co-workers and family members. Ask them to share Promise’s story to help us find more Virginia property/landowners owners who may be interested in providing a captive home for Promise the Mute Swan. The property owner/landowner must contact us directly via email to provide us with their information. Please do not provide referrals.
  2. Help us raise the funding we need to provide the medical, surgical, tracking, reproductive, blood testing and monitoring requirements in order to ensure we can place Promise and meet all required stipulations. Promise’s needs were NOT in our small nonprofit’s budget for this year. Individuals who would like to support our center’s efforts can make a donation here.
  3. Please be patient with us. We will all work together to make this happen for Promise! All contact should be done through email. Please do not utilize social media (Facebook) or phone to reach us. We can be contacted through our contact form.

All interested parties should send the following information to us to be added to our list of possible homes. Please utilize our contact form to send the below information.

  • First & Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

We would like to send put our permanent placement survey to interested parties today, however realistically it may not be until Sunday before this occurs. PLEASE BE PATIENT! WE WILL ALL WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE PROMISE. Now please share Promise’s story below to help us get more Virginia contacts who may be able to provide a permanent captive home and help us to raise the funding we need to save Promise. Thank you for helping us Save Promise!

You can share Promise’s story directly from NBC12/Kelly Avellino – Thank you NBC12 and Kelly Avellino for helping us save Promise the Mute Swan!

1/8/2015 5:11pm – We have just received general stipulations from DGIF in regards to the conditions of the permanent placement of Promise the Mute Swan. If you have not already done so please submit your name, phone number and email address if you are an interested party here. DO NOT LEAVE THIS INFO ON FACEBOOK, IT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. DO NOT CALL OUR CENTER. PLEASE EMAIL US.

We will be emailing an initial questionnaire to prospective permanent placement individuals to help us quickly identify those individuals who meet the general stipulations provided by DGIF. We will then work from that list of individuals to determine which individuals meeting the general guidelines will also meet additional specific stipulations. All contact information from interested parties needs to be received by 9AM EST, 1/11/2014. We have until January 21, 2015 to find Promise a home or Promise will be euthanized.

We are not permitted to assist, possess or provide veterinary care to any Mute Swan in the future. Those swans found sick, injured, or feral in our state must be destroyed.

DGIF has issued us a special possession permit for us to be in possession of the Swan until January 21st. This swan cannot be transferred to anyone else for veterinary or rehabilitative care. To meet all of the surgical, reproductive, tracking, and monitoring stipulations required of the permanent placement we need your financial assistance to ensure we can meet these requirements. This was not in our small nonprofit’s budget for this year. The permitting fee (adoption fee) will be paid to DGIF. So please donate so we can ensure we can provide the services needed to properly place Promise. Donation information and a paypal button for donations is available here.


1/7/2015 4:45pm – We have not yet received the stipulations from DGIF in regards to the permanent placement of Promise the Swan. We do not know if the 10 days began yesterday or if our 10 day window begins when DGIF provides us with the stipulations. We are worried we may have lost 2 days of our 10 day window. We are collecting names, phone numbers, and email addresses of individuals interested in adopting the swan. Once we receive the stipulations from DGIF we will email all those interested to identify a suitable captive and permanent home for the swan. If you are interested please provide your contact information here.

**Please note our telephone only has one line. If we are on the line, no voice-mail will pick-up, and it will just ring. (We are a poor nonprofit and our priority is our patients medical and nutritional needs and not voice-mail for our call waiting at this time.) Please limit phone calls as this prohibits callers needing emergency veterinary care for injured wildlife and non-native feral exotics.We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you all for working so hard to help us find a home for Promise the Swan.

1/7/2015 8am- We are working diligently to save “Promise” the Swan. We would like to pause to thank NBC12 and Kelly Avellino as well as Secretary of Natural Resources, Molly Ward, and her staff in the Governor’s office. Secretary Ward’s office negotiated for us at our request with Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Through those efforts we received a 10 day stay of euthanasia. We have 10 days to find a suitable and responsible captive home for the swan. We do not know all the stipulations to the agreement yet and will learn those today. What we do know is that we may be prohibited from exporting the Swan out of state and it cannot be free roaming where it could potentially escape into the wild again. We will keep you posted as we learn the details and frantically search for a suitable captive home.

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