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LOVE is Perfect for Your Holiday Card

Morais Vineyards, Bealton

Morais Vineyards, Bealton

It’s time to start thinking about the photo(s) you’ll use on your holiday and Christmas cards, and we have the most perfect suggestions for a backdrop.

Virginia has nearly 40 permanent LOVEwork locations and they’re spread out all across the state. Each has its own personality and reflects the area it’s situated in, with the exception of the white, original LOVEworks that are located at four Virginia Welcome Centers. Some LOVEworks are decorated already for the holidays, and others will be in very short order.

This is just a sampling of the LOVEworks. Please see the map below for all of the locations.

‘Tis the season to put Ma in her kerchief and Pa in his cap for a great love themed photo!


Roanoke LOVEwork. Photo by David Hungate— ROANOKE —

Eric Fitzpatrick successfully captured Roanoke’s rail history in his LOVEwork located at Market Square. Standing five feet tall and stretching nine feet wide, the quarter-inch steel piece will soon don the colors of the season. In the mean time, wear your vibrant red and green to be the star of the shot.

Virginia Welcome Center, Bristol


As you enter Virginia from Tennessee, you’ll encounter the Virginia Welcome Center on Interstate 81. Locate the LOVEwork outside and get your pose on. At 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall, you can fit the whole family in and around it.

Like This:
New Kent

LOVE Adirondacks in Chincoteague— CHINCOTEAGUE —

Those beloved adirondack LOVE chairs moved from Kiptopeke State Park to Chincoteague this past summer. Each chair stands more than 10 feet tall and weighs more than 500 pounds. Load up the cars and then load up the chairs for a grand family photo.

Maymont LOVEwork. Photo by Kevin J. Kelley and courtesy of Maymont.


Maymont is a “must-see” holiday destination anyway, thanks to the elaborately decorated Victorian mansion, but when you add the signature LOVEwork, well, it’s an all-day experience that may become a family tradition. Maymont will have their letters decorated for the season just after Thanksgiving.

Old Town Manassas LOVEwork


Old Town Manassas, like Roanoke, is rich in railway history and heritage, as is reflected in their LOVEwork. Situated atop a rail car and on a track, this LOVEwork features the “O” decorated as a wreath.

Culpeper LOVEwork— CULPEPER —

Made from old movie reels and painted in a very noticeable red and white, the Culpeper LOVEwork has been a popular photo spot since its installation. Each letter sits in a concrete pier. See one of our favorite shots in our Flickr album.

DuCard Vineyards in Etlan— ETLAN —
DuCard Vineyards is the home to one of the newest and most intricate LOVEworks thus far. Iron twists to imitate grape vines, entwining cobalt blue wine bottles that reflect the sun’s rays.

Click for LOVEworks Map.

Click for the Interactive LOVEworks Map.


For additional inspiration, check out the photos below that have been shared with us on our Facebook page! We’ll add more, so if you shoot and share with us, maybe you’ll find yourself there.

Additionally, click the map! It’s interactive and will show you all of the other fine LOVEworks to be visited and photographed.

Include #LOVEVA when sharing your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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