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New Item in stock @ Voltage Vapin’!!!!

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We have another new item available “The Hobo RDA SS Clone”!!!

Hobo Angle 1 Hobo Angle 2Hobo Angle 3

The Hobo RDA Clone is precisely machined RDA with adjustable airflow control from the top of the dripper pointing directly down towards the coils, also a secondary airflow control ring that controls the outside airflow holes. The Hobo RDA Clone allows you to unscrew the outside ring from the deck to fully expose your building area but still have the o-ring to give you a solid seal when you screw the ring back on. It’s dual airflow options makes this revolutionary RDA a must have!


Product Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Copper center post
  • Silver plated contact pin
  • Juice well can be unscrewed to expose the deck for easier builds
  • 22mm diameter

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