Roller Hockey Club at Virgina Tech



The Roller Hockey Club at Virginia Tech is an in-house roller hockey league at Virginia Tech organized and officiated by Virginia Tech students.

The RHCVT isn’t an official “club sport” or “intramural sport” and Virginia Tech does not run the league in any way. We’ve strived to keep it that way in order to keep season dues low and the amount of games you play high. Instead, RHCVT is an independent student organization run by Virginia Tech students. It is not exclusive to Virginia Tech students either, for many co-ed VT grad students, Radford students, and local Blacksburg and Christiansburg residents of all ages can take part. Our players’ hockey skills range from beginner to expert, and there are no tryouts, just a draft.

The club has approximately 100 members at a time and hosts fall, spring, and summer seasons..

We run the league so that people can have fun, make friends, and have a place to play roller hockey.