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I’m Katie McCall, and I’ve combined both my personal healing experience and my extensive professional training to develop
Mind Over Matter Success.This is a process by which we:- Identify and dissolve old, limiting beliefs
– Learn new coping strategies to support healthier, more productive lifestyle choices
– Build a new foundation of supportive beliefs and behavior, to achieve your definition of success

Your goals may include:

– Weight Loss
– Pain Management
– Anxiety / Stress Relief
– Emotional Block Clearing
– Expanded Business Success
– Expanded Personal Fulfillment

My intent with Mind Over Matter is to help you find freedom from anxiety, pain, excess weight, unhealthy habits, personal and professional obstacles, and to give you the tools you need to create a path to your definition of success.

The goal is to heal and nurture your mind, body and spirit…and create a life you love to live.

Ready to get started?

I look forward to talking with you!   email me  | 804 . 218 . 1046